Kaspersky Lab Conducts Customer Pitstop in Pune

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Kaspersky Lab along with SEA Infonet, one of its National Distributor for enterprise products, successfully concluded its first event of Non-Endpoint centric End-customer Pitstop series in Pune. This series focuses on customers using virtual infrastructures and network attached storages. The meet sought to explore business opportunities with a focus to develop market in emerging geographies.

The Customer Pitstop was attended by over 25 prospective end-customers. Technical experts from    Kaspersky Lab discussed about the need for security for virtual environment and network attached storages and how to find the right balance between security and performance. The key content of the program focused on technical overview of  Kaspersky Security for Virtualization & Kaspersky Security for Storage. Kaspersky Security for Virtualization delivers protection for VDI and virtual server environments such as VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and KVM platforms; while Kaspersky Security for Storage provides protection for data stored on NetApp, Dell, Hitachi, IBM and Oracle storage appliance systems.

Mr. Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab, South Asia said, "Increasing use of virtualized environments to reduce cost and increase flexibility has created specific areas of IT security complexity and we have seen that security is not given importance when it comes to virtualization and storage platforms. It is not a secret that Cyber criminals are becoming more smarter  and at the same time the impact of losses due to cyber-criminal activities is becoming very high.  Virtualisation and Storage platforms are prone to attacks, if not protected well. This series of customer pitstop is more to educate CIO's & IT Heads, on the dangers and offer them ways to address this loophole.."

Mr. Biswajeet Saha, Director, SEA Infonet added, "Businesses are unaware of benefits of specialised security for virtual environments. Many companies are relying on standard Endpoint Security-class solutions to protect their virtual environments, potentially leading to reduced performance and creating an excessive load on their systems. This event is a direct interaction with customers and provides them valuable information."

The meeting concluded on a note that Kaspersky Lab will return with more such events in coming months that will give customers an overall picture of the solutions provided by Kaspersky in the B2B space.

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