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Mapmyindia Q1FY24 Hits All-time Quarterly Highs in Revenue

Revenue grew 37.5% in Q1FY24 to Rs 89.4 Cr. EBITDA grew 25.2% to Rs 37.4 Cr, with an overall EBITDA margin of 41.9%.

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C.E. Info Systems Ltd. (“MapmyIndia”), India’s leading advanced digital maps and deep-tech products and platforms company, announced today its financial results for the First Quarter of FY2024 ended on 30th June 2023.

Key Consolidated Financial Highlights for Q1 FY24:

Particulars (Rs Cr)Q1 FY24Q1 FY23YoY % Growth
Revenue from Operations89.465.037.5%
Total Income97.771.436.9%
EBITDA Margin (%)41.9%46.0% 
PAT Margin (%)32.7%33.9% 
Cash & Cash Equivalents (including financial instruments)492.4392.0 

Commenting on the Q1 FY24 results, Rakesh Verma, Chairman & Managing Director, MapmyIndia, said “We are delighted with our Q1FY24 results wherein MapmyIndia achieved all-time highs in Revenue, EBITDA, and PAT. Revenue grew 37.5% in Q1FY24 to Rs 89.4 Cr. EBITDA grew 25.2% to Rs 37.4 Cr, with an overall EBITDA margin of 41.9%. Map-led business EBITDA margin was strong at 54.1%. IoT-led business EBITDA margin continued to expand quarterly and was at 6.3% in Q1FY24 versus 4.0% of Q4FY23, as SaaS income from IoT grew. Q1FY24 PAT also reached an all-time high of Rs 31.8 Cr, growing 31.4% YoY. During Q1FY24, we outlined a 5-year vision of a growth roadmap for the company, and are putting in place the requisite foundations that will drive long-term success of the company. We are also delighted with the surge in interest and usage of our consumer-facing Mappls MapmyIndia app amongst users, which resulted in Mappls app becoming the top app in the app store recently. This bodes well for the B2C future of the company, in addition to the B2B and B2B2C where we have been traditionally strong.”

Rohan Verma, CEO & Executive Director, MapmyIndia, said “Our strong Q1 YoY revenue growth was broad-based with A&M (Automotive & Mobility Tech) up 24% and C&E (Consumer Tech & Enterprise Digital Transformation) up 51% on the market side. On the products side, Map & Data was up 41% and Platform & IoT was up 35%. We’re happy with the large number of customer go-lives that occurred during Q1FY24 including many consumer technology companies and startups, corporates across industry sectors, automotive OEMs including EVs and 2-Wheelers, and government and logistics/mobility fleets. This bodes well for our future growth. Our B2B and B2B2C product offerings across maps, APIs, IoT, drones, N-CASE automotive suite, enterprise digital transformation and geospatial platforms continue to expand in capabilities and extend their market leadership. Our consumer-facing Mappls App, with unique features such as 3D Junction Views, end-to-end trip costs including toll and fuel, and useful safety alerts such as speed limits, speed breakers, sharp curves etc – are getting rave reviews. Similarly, our B2C focused Mappls Gadgets which enable safety, convenience and entertainment on-the-go for vehicle owners, drivers and passengers are gaining traction too. These are initial steps in our efforts to expand our B2C business going forward”.

About MapmyIndia & Mappls (C.E. Info Systems Ltd) &

C.E. Info Systems Ltd (NSE: MAPMYINDIA; BSE: 543425) is India’s leading advanced digital maps and deep-tech company, popularly known in India as MapmyIndia and globally as Mappls. The company offering proprietary digital maps as a service (“MaaS”), software as a service (“SaaS”) and platform as a service (“PaaS”), including its advanced digital map data, software products, platforms, application programming interfaces (“APIs”), IoT and solutions to new-age tech companies, large businesses, automotive OEMs, government organisations, developers and consumers. The company has served more than 2000 enterprise customers since inception. The company pioneered digital mapping in India in 1995 and has earned its market leadership position in this industry and built a strong moat by capitalizing on our early mover advantage, developing proprietary and integrated technologies, full stack product offerings, continuous innovation and robust sustainable business model. The company also built India’s very first internet mapping platform and portal, (now called in 2004. The company’s free Mappls app (accessible on the web and downloadable from for consumers provides the best and fully indigenous maps, navigation, safety, hyper local and IoT gadget-enabled experience for Indian users.

MapmyIndia has built India’s most comprehensive, accurate, feature-rich and continuously updated digital map data product down to address and urban building level detail pan India, covering all towns, villages, and the entire road network of the country. The company is building not just 2D maps, but also 3D (with landmarks, terrains and city models), 4D (updating in near real-time), HD (high-definition and high-accuracy), RealView (geo-tagged 360 degree panoramas, videos and photos representing actual ground reality), and hyper-local geo-demographics data-rich maps, to continuously evolve its AI-powered Digital Metaverse Twin of the Real World. The company is also building digital maps for other regions in the world, and has integrated global maps for over 200 countries into its Mappls platform. The company’s platform provides extensive and comprehensive functionalities and ever expanding set of use cases, including mapping, location and navigation, geospatial data analytics, GIS (geospatial information systems) and AI, GPS tracking and IoT-based fleet management, logistics optimisation and workforce management, drone-based solutions, developer APIs, N-CASE solution suite (for Navigation, Connected vehicle telematics and services, ADAS safety i.e. advanced driving assistance systems, Shared and Electric) for Automotive & Mobility Tech (A&M), and Consumer tech and Enterprise digital transformation solution suite (C&E).

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  1. MapmyIndia is a leading provider of digital maps, geospatial software, and location-based IoT technologies in India. Google Maps is the dominant mapping service in the world, but MapmyIndia is a strong competitor in India. MapmyIndia has a number of advantages over Google Maps. I believe that MapmyIndia has the potential to be a major player in the global mapping market. It has a strong track record, a deep understanding of the Indian market, and a commitment to innovation. I am confident that MapmyIndia will continue to grow and succeed in the years to come.

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