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Dozee is Offering Free Health Monitoring Devices to COVID19 Quarantined Residents in Bangalore

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Dozee is a contact-free heartbeat and respiration monitor that has medical-grade (98.4%) accuracy. The team that runs Dozee has announced an offering of free devices to those quarantined within Bangalore city limits. It is the only device that gives continuous respiration data, that too without the need for wires or even any technical expertise. Dozee is a portable device attached to a thin sensor sheet which goes below the mattress, to be kept right underneath the patient’s chest area. This initiative is supported by Duroflex, a leading sleep solutions brand with over five decades of expertise in making premium mattresses and sleep accessories.

The idea behind this activity is to proactively help those in need and at risk in this crucial hour. Particularly since, respiratory ailments are one of the symptoms of the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. The Dozee device can help doctors remotely check on patients’ progress and flag off possible deteriorations well in advance. As our healthcare system and research labs work tirelessly towards finding a solution to this sudden outbreak, the team’s aim is to ease their burden and risk by providing a dependable and non-intrusive solution to the monitoring vital signs. This will also help ease anxiety of loved ones’ as currently they have limited means to know the health status of those quarantined at home.

Launched in mid-2019, Dozee is available on both & its website. Dozee has also been backed by reputed companies like Qualcomm and Department of Biotechnology – Govt of India – BIRAC and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for product development and acceleration. This Bengaluru based healthcare startup is the brainchild of Mr. Mudit Dandwate and Mr. Gaurav Parchani, both IIT alumni.

Mr Mudit Dandwate, CEO, Dozee, states, “This initiative will help Bangalore residents to monitor their health on an ongoing basis in the comfort of their homes. This is enabling care at home, unlocking the value of telemedicine and reducing pressure on our healthcare system. Our aim is to be a health companion to all Indians and this is a small step towards the residents facing a lockdown in Bangalore. Continuing our objective we are closely working with NGOs, hotels, hospitals to create step-down ICU set up using Dozee.”

Mathew Chandy, Sleep Evangelist and Managing Director,  Duroflex said “As a company, we are deeply invested in providing our consumers with innovative sleep solutions. In daunting times like these, the well-being of our consumers is our top priority. Along with the measures taken by us at a company level, we are excited to partner with Dozee to offer free health monitoring devices to help quarantined residents in Bangalore monitor their progress during this pandemic. With this common goal in mind, we hope to help consumers keep track of their health while at home and help them sleep better.

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