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Artificial Intelligence and IoT To Improve Travel Experience

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Aamir J Ahmad, the CEO of the online ticketing platform, opens up about the use of technology to improve Travel Experience.

With AI advancement in the world, we will soon implement new ways the technology can improve customer experience. AI and IoT together will give more personalized ticket booking experience and will help users find the best deals and recommendations to fulfill their travel plans with ease. The more they use the service, the more information will be available to further customize the search results.

Aamir Junaid Ahmad, CEO – BusAndTicket, a technocrat himself, shared how the company is planning to use technology for improving bus ticket booking and travel experience for its customers. is coming up for the first time with the concept of dynamic pricing in bus ticket booking using the Analytical Benefits of AI. The bus seat rates can change based on weather, events, and how many seats are available. However, this will be implemented subject to approval by the stake holders.

The use of IoT is been adopted for resolving the issue of lost luggage, which is causing a lot of stress to passengers as well as a lot of costs to the bus travel industry. aims of adopting IoT tools to reduce baggage mishandling at bus stands.

Sensor-based baggage solutions will send a push notification to the traveller when the bag gets loaded and each time the bag is adjusted or unloaded. In this way the passenger will know exactly when the luggage is loaded, unloaded or accessed. Use of such technology to track their baggage via a link found on their mobile ticket will build confidence among the passengers.

While the implementation of these technologies can be complex and expensive, it pays off in the long run by improving user experience and customer retention. After all, customers are most likely going to return to a service if they’ve been satisfied with it in the past.

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