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Here are Top Animation Picks by Indians from South-East Asian Region

Ths listicle collects a handful of South-Asian animation series which have greatly influenced the Indian audience ranging from the kids to adults. It describes how the South-Asian anime culture is eventually spreading its wings of diversity by including the Indian youth under its wide range of fandom.

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Did you notice that most of the cartoons and animation series shown on television and several other media platforms are based out of South-Asian countries? The south-east Asian culture has tremendously influenced the youth and kids globally for it’s magnetic essence. Counting from the music industry including the big boy band named “BTS” of South Korea to the gigantic anime cult of Japan, the South-Asian industries and companies have been able to create a commendable fan base under its diversified umbrella of entertainment.

Among all these influences, the South-Asian animation culture has had a significant impact on Indian kids and it has been growing stronger over the last few decades. Popular animations like Dragon ball Z, Pokemon, Pororo etc have aired on Indian channels like Cartoon Network and Pogo which showed the high demand of south-asian animation among the Indian audience. Apart from the entertainment and amazing cinematic elements, it also provides life lessons and moral values with utmost optimism and poignance. It teaches the kids about making friendships, how to accept and appreciate differences and also explains more about feelings and relationships in a way that they can understand.

This list of kids animation series’ will give you a sneak-peek to the surface of popular animation culture in India and the great impact it has had on Indian kids:

  1. Penelope : Akatsuki Inc., an entertainment company based in Japan has licensed the India distribution rights of Penelope IP, based on the popular French Book Series which has sold 3M+ copies globally. Revolving around the character of a 3 year old blue koala, Penelope’s content is extremely relatable to the everyday life of a preschooler. The edutainment value of the animation IP makes the launch of Penelope more opportune for its young audience, as they stay out of playgrounds and preschools. Penelope already enjoys huge popularity in Japan with loyal fandom both for the animation as well as the merchandise. Akatsuki is looking to replicate the same success for the IP in India to profit the Indian kids about learning the trivial values of life and celebrate the small victories that are being achieved on a daily basis.
  2. Naruto: Naruto is a popular Japanese animation series which has successfully taken the Indian kids under its fan base. The series is basically engaged with the viewers’ opinions on criminality, loss, morality and justice. This series is considered to be funny, sad, entertaining, action-filled and suspenseful. Another surprising element of Naruto is that some parts of the series have taken mythological influences from everywhere including the Hindu mythology. This creates a strong base to attract the Indian audience leading the kids to learn about Indian mythology from a Japanese animation.
  3. Doraemon : Doraemon, a globally famous character of Japanese animation, is a time travelling robotic cat from the 22nd century on a mission to aid Nobita, a young boy who lacks athletic skills and academic discipline. It is a cartoon series that enhances kids’ imaginations and creativity. It also talks about the power of friendship and love. Doraemon is largely famous in India because of the huge market expansion. It is evident that kids in every Indian household are very much acquainted with this Japanese character and watch the show religiously.
  4. Pokemon – Pokemon is the most famous Japanese family-friendly anime series which religiously runs on Indian households as well. It was released in 1996 and the series does not only have fans who are kids but also adults. Fancy merchandise of Pokemon on clothing and other accessories can also be seen globally.

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