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Helios Celebrates Pride Month with ‘TickingWithPride’ Campaign

These remarkable endeavours not only celebrate inclusivity but also embody the spirit of progress and acceptance in a world where love knows no bounds.

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Helios, the watch store renowned for its innovative initiatives, is making waves this Pride Month with a heart-warming launch of couple’s watch gift boxes and an enchanting installation. These remarkable endeavours not only celebrate inclusivity but also embody the spirit of progress and acceptance in a world where love knows no bounds.


As an expression of striving for inclusivity, Helios proudly announces the launch of Couple’s watch gift boxes. Curated with utmost thoughtfulness, these boxes transcend the confines of societal norms, embracing the diversity of identities that grace the tapestry of love. Regardless of gender, each box radiates with the resounding message that love knows no boundaries. Whether it be a harmonious pairing of him/him, her/her, or him/her, these painstakingly designed offerings applaud the spirit of these diverse relationships.

Gone are the days of exclusionary watch boxes; Helios explores a realm where love’s infinite possibilities shine through exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled elegance. With their visionary approach, Helios ensures that every couple can proudly wear a timepiece that symbolizes their unbreakable bond, rising above societal expectations and celebrating the true essence of their love.

With Couple’s Watch Boxes that encapsulate the spirit of love beyond defined boundaries, Helios redefines what it means to honour and commemorate the profound connections shared between individuals, sparking a revolution that celebrates the beauty of love in all its forms.

Extending the vibrance of pride month, the awe-inspiring installation at the heart of this celebration masterfully blends symbolism, creativity, and an unwavering message of significance. The photo booth, instilled with an impeccable eye for detail, stands as a testament to the enduring power of freedom. Adorned with resplendent wings, evoking a sense of majesty, it becomes a visual embodiment of the essence of liberation. Set against a backdrop hosting a kaleidoscope of pride hues, this creation travelling across Helios stores in Bangalore proudly displays the resounding mantra: “#TickingWithPride.” Imparting an invitation for introspection, this initiative reminds us of the indomitable truth that every individual holds the inherent right to embrace love in its purest form, free from the constraints of gender or societal expectations.

Imbued with a sense of artistry, the installation is created with over 2000 watchstraps, cases, and dials, sourced from various Helios store across the country. Driven by a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Helios embarks upon a transformative journey by repurposing these elements, endowing them with a renewed purpose in this waste to wonder masterpiece. Every stroke of this creation narrates a story, intertwining art and innovation, leaving a memorable mark on the senses and evoking a profound sense of admiration for the boundless possibilities that arise at the convergence of creativity and conviction.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Ajay Dwivedi, Head Retail, Watches and Wearables, Titan Company Limited, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are elated to celebrate Pride Month with these remarkable initiatives. By launching couple’s watch gift boxes and showcasing the empowering installation, we aim to foster a sense of belonging, acceptance, and love for the community. This not only represents a significant step forward for inclusivity but also serves as a reminder of our commitment to embrace and empower the diversity that makes each individual unique.”

An homage to the power of love in its myriad expressions, Helios invites everyone to stand united in the journey towards equality and acceptance, embracing the beauty of love in all its magnificent forms.

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