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Gratitude for Technologists, Techies and Scientists on National Technology Day

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Technology has completely transformed society. We can’t ignore technology’s contribution to our daily lives and its significant contribution to holistic social and economical development. Today, we are celebrating National Technology Day. This is a symbolic motivation and acknowledgement for the great contribution that technologists have contributed to our lives through their technologies.
Here are few industry leaders coming forward and expressed their views and perspectives on National Technology Day.
The CEO- NIXI, Mr Anil Kumar Jain on the occasion of Nation Technology Day expressed his gratitude towards scientists, researchers and technologists and he said, “On National Technology Day, let’s salute our scientists for their services & achievements in the field of Science & Technology. Let us recognize the footstep India has taken to open a whole new world for us and widen our perspective on technology. We at NIXI believe that visualization of adoption and integration of science and technology with the national planning is a must to improve the social and economic conditions of people. National Technology Day is celebrated on the 11th of May every year to recognize the innovations in technology that is creating a better India. Coronavirus has broken the supply chain while rupturing the demand and market trends. As we’re forced to work remotely and use technologies for the first time, we’re realizing the benefits they deliver. Organizations are getting deeper into digital transformation.  This transformation will inevitably promote India’s Digital Mission. Policymakers need to support the ways people and organizations are using the internet to come together and deal with new pressures as our lives shift abruptly online. The focal point will be to ensure that critical functions like IT, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and digital services are well protected.”

Data-Sensitivity in Digital India

As data becomes the lifeline of organizations across the globe, it also gives rise to vectors like ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks. This is an opportune time to strengthen our Data Management systems and infrastructure and build a secure data ecosystem that will ensure India’s purpose-driven journey into a technologically advanced and secure nation.

Mr. Pradeep Seshadri, Director, Sales Engineering, India and SAARC, Commvault, pens his thoughts in the appended quote/statement.  he mentioned, “Today, India celebrates the feats made in the science and technology community on the occasion of National Technology Day 2021. This day marks a great opportunity to appreciate and celebrate achievements of Indian scientists, engineers and innovators who aided the country’s growth and prosperity.” 

Mr. Seshadri also added, “Amidst these turbulent times, technology has emerged as the lifeline of human ingenuity and has helped us unite while we brace this invisible enemy Covid-19. Technology has become the catalyst for the transformation of individuals and businesses alike, nurturing our future for the better. As India evolves into a digital-first nation, it becomes even more important to develop a robust data management mechanism in this data-driven era.

For a fully digital vision, India needs to envisage a digitally empowered society – the country’s strength lies in being a connected nation. We have to make sure that the technologies of today transform the future of India into a digitally connected equitable nation. We at Commvault, urge you to also pick up the baton and be data guardians so we can envision a resilient nation, together.  

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