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Google Nest Hub Disables Xiaomi Integration

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The Xiaomi smart camera seems to have caught a bug that streams the coverage from random homes instead of the one requested for.

A serious privacy concern came up recently with Xiaomi’s smart cameras when a Reddit user shared his experience online. The user said that his Google Nest Hub showed him the live feed of someone else’s home when requested to show the live feed of his home through the Xiaomi’s smart camera.

The user complained that every time he requested the live-feed from his home, the device showed him the live feed of different homes he did not recognize but had the same Xiaomi smart cameras installed.

While initially the problem was only reported by one user, now multiple accounts of similar nature have been reported. People have become furious over their invasion of privacy and the devices not delivering what it is supposed to.

People have been speculating what the problem could be, whether the Xiaomi’s smart cameras have caught a bug or the Google Nest Hub has gone for a twist. Experts claim that the issue is most likely with the smart cameras as many who are facing the problem have installed the same cameras.

Not long ago, the Google Nest Hub had also caught a bug that resulted in its malfunction. The bug made information of previous account holders accessible.


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