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GoDaddy Revamps Advanced Hosting Solutions in India

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GoDaddy, the world’s leading technology provider dedicated to small businesses announced the launch of its latest suite of server offerings, including Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers with new levels of support. Targeted at Web designers, developers and small business owners, the revamped solution provides customers with reliable Web hosting services, quick set-up, capability for real-time changes and on-demand technical support. These solutions will provide customers with improved control, better flexibility and higher performance of the server, starting at Rs. 1,079/month.

Designed to meet the needs of the most ardent user, GoDaddy’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers are powered by CentOS, Fedora or Windows and use cPanel or Plesk control panels. The new products offer features such as 1-click application installations, backups and restores, monitoring, 1-3 dedicated IPs and increased bandwidth for improved performance. Each plan comes with a choice of support level from self-managed, managed or fully-managed offerings. Customers pre-determine the level of support needed, enabling them to receive timely, knowledgeable and friendly assistance whenever they need it.

“Most small business owners and Web designers look for hosting services which are not only cost effective, but also effortlessly integrate with newer technologies and software. Advanced hosting solutions from GoDaddy put the customer in-control,” said GoDaddy India Vice President and Managing Director, Rajiv Sodhi. “Web developers and designers are critical to the success of GoDaddy. We are constantly working toward better understanding and meeting their evolving needs. These new products are a direct result of many conversations with our customers.”

Depending on business requirements, GoDaddy customers can select from three different types of servers, with myriad options to choose from even within a single plan.

  • Additional Dedicated IPs: Starting at Rs. 347.49/month, Dedicated IP is best suited for anyone who needs access to their Website, even during domain propagation periods. It allows users to upload files and preview changes, anytime, anywhere, every day of the year. While most sites share their server’s IP address, a Dedicated IP is the user’s alone. If users need to access a domain name when it might not otherwise be available (such as during domain propagation periods), a Dedicated IP is the simplest, most affordable solution. Depending on the plan selected, 1-3 Dedicated IPs are included with VPS and Dedicated products.
  • Managed VPS (Virtual Private Server): Starting at Rs. 1,079/month, the Managed VPS is perfect for high-traffic sites, developers and creative agencies and a great option for budget-aware customers. Managed VPS provides power and resource flexibility without full ownership responsibility and at a lower price tag.
  • Dedicated Servers: Starting at Rs. 6,429/month, Dedicated Servers are the ultimate server option and perfect for high-traffic or resource-intensive sites that need complete control. This option gives users an entire server to set up, utilize and manage however they see fit.

The new products, support levels and services will be available on GoDaddy Pro, a new GoDaddy website specifically catered to tech-savvy developers and designers needing more detailed product information and those customer seeking features like site staging tools and root access. There is also a streamlined check-out process to provide quick entry and exit, so designers and developers can focus on building and what’s really important – customers.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz. USA, GoDaddy also has offices across nine other locations including Washington, Massachusetts, Iowa and California in the U.S., and international offices in Latin America, U.K., Canada, the Netherlands, Singapore and India. GoDaddy operates datacentre facilities in U.S., Europe and Asia. To learn how GoDaddy can help your small business, visit:

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