Flipkart's Modiface Skin Analyser Gains Strong User Adoption

Advanced Skin Analyser based on AI shares detailed insights about the skin health of the shoppers, focused on enhancing the online skincare shopping experience for millions of online customers

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Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce marketplace, sees a strong user adoption for its Advanced Skin Analyser in collaboration with ModiFace, an AR technology provider for the beauty industry. The AI-based feature is the first integration for ModiFace to provide its category-wide skin analysis technology to an e-commerce platform based in India. In line with Flipkart’s commitment to leverage next-gen technology for enhanced customer experience, the innovative feature aims to cater to diverse shopper demographics by providing detailed insights about skin health at their fingertips.

With an increasing demand for personalized and data-driven shopping experiences, shoppers are looking for tailored skincare recommendations based on their skin types and concerns, instilling confidence in their product choices.

The state-of-the-art Advanced Skin Analyser feature, driven by ModiFace's AI, seeks to transform how individuals approach their skincare regimen. It is available for all skin types, including Oily, Normal, Combination, and Dry Skin. By taking a selfie and responding to a few simple questions regarding their age and skin type, users can get a customized skin evaluation in a few minutes. Based on these inputs, the skin analyser provides customers with an objective scoring of their skin type on multiple dimensions - Pores, Wrinkles Pigmentation, Radiance, Fine Lines, Acne, Firmness. The analyser then recommends a specific care routine with advice from beauty experts, as well as a detailed product routine with customized product recommendations across 7 stages - Cleanse, Prepare, Treat, Moisturize, Care, Targeted, Protect, based on the customer’s chosen focus area(s).

This simplifies the traditional skin diagnosis process and enables consumers to effortlessly purchase the recommended products directly from Flipkart’s skincare catalog. The skin analyser feature was launched during Flipkart’s ‘Glam up Fest’ in Mumbai.

Ravi Krishnan, Head of Flipkart Labs, said, “Skin Care has evolved immensely over the past few years and it has led to a growing demand for personalized solutions. Customers now expect tailored recommendations to address their specific skin needs. However, often the recommendations they find online are not suitable for their skin type. Flipkart aims to tackle this issue with its Advanced Skin Analyser tool, which offers personalized assessments of skin type and concerns. This tool helps users identify the most suitable skincare products, providing them with a rationale for the choices. The tool creates a personalized skincare regimen covering seven different stages, from an extensive range of top-rated skincare products listed on Flipkart.

To ensure a seamless user experience, we extensively tested the Skin Analyser with both customers and dermatologists. Combining the power of Flipkart's data-driven insights and ModiFace's technology, we are confident that this innovation will enhance our commitment to providing customers with a more informed shopping experience.”

On the collaboration, Jennifer Tidy, EVP of Partnerships at Modiface, said, "The Skin Analyser service is a powerful tool that can help people understand their skin better and get the most out of their skincare routine by receiving a tailored product recommendation based on a personalized skin diagnostic. With our expertise in intertwining beauty and technology, we are thrilled to partner with Flipkart to make this tool available to consumers in India.

The Skin Analyser tool also employs an AI algorithm backed by decades of scientific research. It has been validated with over 10,000 images, providing exceptional accuracy in its recommendations. Notably, users who interact with this feature typically spend seven minutes on average from the initial assessment to receiving product recommendations, indicating that customers find the analysis and recommendations very relevant and engaging.

Additionally, Flipkart witnessed a 21% increase in conversion on products enabled with Skin Analyser. This not only demonstrates the rapid adoption of the feature but also underscores the high level of user interest in this groundbreaking tool.

Demo video of the Skin Analyser tool -  Link


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