Faclio and Smart IoT Join Hands with Digital X

Faclio and Smart IoT Join Hands with Digital X

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Global SaaS start-up, funded by Tiger Global and Accel Partners - Facilio and Smart IoT, UAE’s leading IoT innovator, have signed an MOU with Digital X, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA. This strategic partnership supports the implementation of 'Smart Living as a Service' to further His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s Dubai 10X vision. The Government formulated Dubai10X to find practical ways and means to propel the city 10 years ahead of other global cities and to bring tomorrow into today.

Based on the collaboration below applications launched on Facilio Platform:<br />
1.	Water quality monitoring – Will check the quality of overhead water tanks and swimming pool water in real-time<br />
2.	Air quality monitoring – Will be rolled out in schools, restaurant where smoking is allowed and public areas<br />
3.	Smart homes and offices – Publically available for citizens and commercial users at a subscription model<br />
4.	Smart Building – AI based facility management and energy management for both private and government buildings<br />
5.	Security and surveillance </p>

Under its ruler's progressive leadership, Dubai is emerging as a global leader in the implementation of path-breaking technological solutions and innovation-led transformation. Dubai10X focuses on digital transformation and future-readiness, to position the Emirati city 10 years ahead of other leading global hubs, by staying ahead of the curve and promoting sustainable development.


As part of this effort, Digital DEWA has undertaken research and implementation of autonomous systems for AI powered solar energy generation and storage, as well as conceptualizing Digital X, an initiative to deliver Smart Living as a Service (SLaaS) with a focus on integrated safety, surveillance, health and automation solutions for smart homes and offices. Smart Living as a Service (SLaaS) is a landmark step in this direction and aims at enhancing the quality of life of the city’s businesses and residents with the aid of the tech-driven innovations that deliver best-in-class service models.

Executive Vice President of Innovation & the Future at DEWA, Mr. Marwan Bin Haidar, reiterated the venture’s importance to implementing His Highness Sheikh Mohammed's larger Dubai 10X vision. "Two years ago, His Highness directed the government that he would like Dubai to be 10 years ahead today. In response to this vision, we formulated Digital DEWA, under the leadership of his Excellency Saeed Al Tayer. The whole world agrees that the future is digital, but our vision is to lead our peers and set the benchmark in implementing these solutions through an innovative, ambitious and vision-driven approach. Today we have signed an MoU with Facilio, a well-known tech platform, and Smart IoT, a leading local entrepreneur. The objective here is to deliver SLaaS of the highest global standards for all of Dubai’s residents. The initiative will redefine urban living not only in Dubai, but also across other global cities in the future.”

This strategic partnership complements both the local and global goals of Digital X. Smart IoT brings to the table local expertise and perspective, and will assist Digital X in day-to-day operations and successful establishment of Digital X systems. While International partner Facilio will help Digital X evolve into an effective futuristic system, in line with global sensibilities.

Prabhu Ramachandran, Founder & CEO, Facilio Inc., comments on the enormous potential of this strategic partnership, "This is a momentous announcement and we are very proud to have been selected, along with our partner Smart IoT, to add value to this strategic initiative of Digital DEWA & Digital X in bringing His Highness Sheikh Mohammed's Dubai 10X vision to life. Dubai is the perfect canvas for larger-than-life dreams, and we are very excited to be a part of this journey to propel Dubai 10 years ahead of the world. 

Elaborating on the technologies involved, Mr. Ramachandran added that, “Smart Living as a Service is a future-ready idea, which has customer experience, sustainability & efficiency at its core. As a technology company we have inherent faith in the power of technology to achieve the impossible and are always striving to remain at the forefront of innovative next-gen tech. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to bring the best services and cutting-edge technology from around the world to Dubai".

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