Ensuring the High Performances: Tyrone

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Feb 26, 2015 07:18 IST
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Ensuring the High Performances: Tyrone

High performance computing is an area which is rapidly growing in many parts of the world. A leading provider of servers, storage, back-up, and HPC solutions, Tyrone is working with thousands of companies around the world in order to support them grow by managing their highly complex businesses efficiently, securely, and reliably.  IN an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of SMEStreet, Sandeep Lodha Vice President –Sales & Marketing of Tyrone Systems shared an overview of the HPC market and it’s relevance in the Indian market.

According to you, how is High Performance computing evolving in India?

The relevance of HPC is growing day by day. Be it pharmaceuticals, drug discovery or manufacturing of any auto component, HPC is becoming very critical and relevant for today’s technology needs.  People have understood the fact that HPC has a wider and important role to play in research, product design or service  delivery as well. Super computing  or HPC is a great enabler for today’s business.

What level of scope do you foresee in this business in India?

India’s knowledge base is growing so as the maturity level towards the consumption of technology. India holds great prominence in this space, as India can become a great source of skilled manpower in the area of HPC.

Just to give you an example, we all know that natural resource like oil will not last for more than few more decades. Fact is we have so far only explored under 40% of our known reserves and there is still a lot to be explored. With HPC being extensively deployed for reservoir simulation, there is noticeable improvement in oil/gas reserve finds.

We are absolutely sure that HPC will drive the next wave of economic growth for India just like software development/outsourcing boom transformed our way of life in late ‘90s and in the early 21st century.

What are the key parameters that are driving the Indian HPC market?

There are several market trends such as increasing or growing competition and on the other hands, customer needs are also changing. This factor leads to a need of understanding and knowing the demand of cutting time-to-market for new product launches. Considering the need for staying connected with the evolving market demands, organizations need to cut costs in pre-development of their products. These are some main reasons for organizations to explore HPC solutions in India. Anything and everything that can be simulated or processed using high I/O computations is getting done, these days, using HPC.

Do you think that cloud computing will ensure the penetration of HPC into the larger business community which includes small and medium businesses?

Yes, HPC environment on cloud can ensure wider reach of the technology which can be more accessible. Cloud computing offers a definite advantage to businesses who wish you avail such solutions but don’t want to invest in the hardware.

Investing in the hardware may not be a viable option for many of the customers because of the fact that hardware up gradation is needed after some years of operations. IN such environment, cloud comes with a strong option.

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