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Dubai Based MIRAI Partners inks Partnership with Ministry of Education of Djibouti

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Announced at the beginning of December, the historic collaboration between Mirai Partners and Djibouti’s Ministry of Education sheds light on the importance of early adoption of AI technology at government level to drive education change.

Mirai partnered with the education officials of Djibouti to bring  Lexplore  products to the country in an effort to innovate and streamline the education solutions at the national level. Mirai delivered the first AI & Eye-tracking tool to be used in schools in a pilot program that will evaluate the long-term implementation of AI in education for the next few years.

Djibouti partnership is one of the many partnerships across the continent to drive change in the education systems and harness technology to bring simplified personalised solutions to the future generations. Despite the global optic of Africa being one of the poorest regions in the world, Mirai finds that African governments are at the forefront of technology adoption looking for innovative ways to educate their young population based on skill and market demand.

With 200 million people aged between 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world and the growth pattern is advancing year after year. With these data points in mind, Africa’s education ministries are looking beyond traditional tools to find  the best solutions to educate their youth to become future-proofed and align to the demands of the technological future.

“We are thrilled to partner up with the Djibouti education ministry and create meaningful change for the future of education. Mirai has been involved in the development of solutions across Africa and MENA and our mission is to bring awareness about african youth and their educational development. The future of the world and our society lies with the way we teach our kids today and despite the perception we often see at a global level, developing countries are quicker to absorb technology solutions and they are not set in the traditional education system. Technology helps us identify  the real potential of youth and adapt the education tools to the capability of the youth in order to create a generation of highly skilled and future proofed kids.” commented co-founders Christine Nasserghodsi and  Nyla Khan.


Mirai is continuing adding more value partnerships with the global policy makers  to their portfolio helping the thought-leaders and educators with practical solutions to advance better education solutions.

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