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DRDO’s Automatic Sanitiser Dispensing Unit now Comes with an Mobile App

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Announcing a first of its kind innovation, Riot Labz presents an app that controls and enhances the functionalities of Oakmist – an automatic mist based hand sanitiser dispenser which was designed and developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). A Made in India, Made for India innovation, the Oakmist app provides direct access to the device through mobile hotspot. The user can control the sanitiser’s functioning through the app and can modify features like spray and wait time. The app will also recommend spray and wait time per WHO guidelines. The app also provides an option to chat with customer care if a user faces any issues. 

Shishir Gupta, CEO and founder of Riot Labz, says, “OakMist is proud to serve Indians at large in these trying times, where sanitisation is a necessary means for survival. We have launched a first of its kind Oakmist app, to help users to personalise their Oakmist unit. The app will evolve as per the user’s needs and demands and will be frequently updated. OakMist app will ensure that users sanitise per the recommended guidelines and stay safe.” 

In a straightforward three-step process, the app gets connected to a preinstalled Oakmist unit. Once installed and opened, the app guides the user through the connection process with the sanitiser. The app provides the user with the choice between two operation modes: auto and manual. Under the auto mode of operation, Oakmkist unit sprays the sanitisation liquid as long as the hands remain under the nozzle. By choosing the manual mode, the user can control two features: Spray time and wait time. Spray time is the duration for which the unit will spray the sanitisation liquid. For places with heavy footfall, it is better to use the manual mode to conserve water and sanitisation liquid. The 5-second spray from the device showers around 5-6ml of alcohol-based sanitiser and is sufficient for proper sanitisation. 

Firmware and software updates are necessary for the smooth functioning of the Oakmist unit and can be done only via the app. It is essential to download the app to get the best usage out of your Oakmist unit. Downloading the app will ensure that no office personnel needs to touch the installed Oakmist unit to make any changes to the settings. The app also has an option for the users to chat with Oakter’s customer service if they require assistance regarding the use of the product. The app is live on the Google play store.

The Oakmist app will provide a further boost in the adoption of the DRDO’s contactless touchless sanitiser which is already in use at locations like the Supreme Court, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the PMO, Ministry of Home Affairs, Chennai and Ahmedabad airports, etc. Company officials have informed that in recent days there has been an increase in orders by private organisations, offices and shopping malls for the product. The Okamist App will be an excellent tool for these new adopters as it reduces the dependency on technicians to make changes to an installed unit and provides a direct chat option to the customer service in case of any issues.

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