Dr Mieet Shah To Spread Awareness About Cybercrime Through Cyber Safe India

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Dec 26, 2020 02:45 IST
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In today's time, the world of cyber knows no bounds. It is continuously evolving and has no corners unexplored. Though being a good thing, nobody is unknown to the increase in cyber threats. The world is in need of a robust security system and Dr Mieet Shah is particularly efficient in providing just that.

The 22 year old boy, might be one of the brightest of the minds in the particular field who has the honor of getting his Ph D degree in Cybersecurity with OSCP at the very young age of 19. Having a keen knowledge of Cyber consulting, Cyber psychological counselling, Cybercrime investigation and Cyber threat prevention has led him to be affiliated with the Cyber cell. He leads out a campaign," Cyber Safe India (CSI)" which spreads awareness about the cybercrimes and threats.

Apart from holding a Ph D degree, his international as well as national certifications in Cyber Security, OSCP and Networking has made him the in-demand professional of the field. Due to this, he has been featured in various TV channels both national as well as international. Being invited on multiple talk shows, he spreads awareness regarding Cybercrimes and how does one prevent them. He has an in-depth knowledge of AI intelligence as well which has led him to create his own automated systems. Due to this vast knowledge, he has been recognized by many print media like Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Patrika and more.

At this young age, he has solved more than 600 cases concerning Cyber Security and Frauds which has led his to be listed in the Gujarat book of records. Being the founder and director of 3 successful companies, "Cybermatricks","Vaulttizee","BitMoreTips", he is successful in providing the best solutions and services. He is even well known for his Ransomware Security system, which guarantees to protect the user at all times. At this age, he has patented more than 13 of his unique products. Due to this, he was also recently listed in Forbes India's top Cyber Security Expert.

Ojas Foundation has named him as "Young Cyber Guy" at Tecnolegal Workshop held at Vadodara, Gujarat and he is also awarded as Best Cyber Crime Investigator. Dr Mieet Shah's namelists in the Top 10 Cyber Security Consultants in India by SiliconIndia, making him one of the top-notch Cyber Security Consultants of the country.

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