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Do you think all Business Email Solutions are same? Hackers Would be Glad to Know

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An article by Pramod Sharda, CEO – IceWarp India & Middle East

Today, Email is the core of almost every business, and the easiest way to communicate with businesses and customers. It is a platform where you get your most crucial information and notifications. Also, it provides you with storage space for archiving important information and shared files. While it might be tempting to pick your email provider based on brand familiarity, it’s important to review your options before committing to an email solution that will become your team’s most-used service. The best email hosting provider will not only let you reliably share and receive email for your own domain, but it might also offer additional tools, such as shared contacts, real-time collaboration and calendars for your company.

But how do you really choose an email service provider or a better question would be – Is there any difference at all between email service providers?

Answer is both Yes & No! Confused? Don’t worry, most are. Basically, all email service providers have the same basic tenet i.e. letting you communicate, share emails and files, etc. electronically. Most service providers offer this and then they stop. Explore no further, and ask for no more! And nobody really objects or cares, because nobody really needs more than this when it comes to personal email accounts & individual requirements.

What can you expect from a business email solution? How is it different from your personal email account?

Similarity between personal email solutions & business email solutions end with the ability of sharing emails & files; from here the true character & use of business email solutions starts. They act as a collaboration & communication hub which facilitate back end operations efficiency & optimize the productivity for any business. They come with administrative tools, centralized command functions and even dashboards to monitor traffic of emails.

While most decision makers & CIOs use and are happy with major business email solutions vendors, they don’t really know what they are missing and how much more can be accomplished by switching to a lesser known email & collaboration hub which provides many more features when compared with the leading vendors. 


Many organizations are deploying email solutions from small vendors to get maximum benefits which require no burdensome upfront capital costs. It conforms to the most stringent security parameters. It is 100% secure and safeguards your sensitive business data & information from phishing attacks, cyber threats and ransomware. 

Benefits of Business Email Solution

Provides scalability and convenience – It allows users to leverage the solutions for messaging, video conferencing, sending updates and multiple other things. If the organization invests in an email server which is growing and needs to add capacity, then they should invest in an email solution that is scalable and easy to deploy. It allows you to focus more time and energy into the organization. 

Security – Most business email solution providers have integrated up-to-date cyber security features like security filters, virus scanning and phishing protections. As many businesses have moved online, the risk factor has increased significantly over the time that is why it is essential for business providers to follow a set of cyber security standards, security patches and updates are deployed routinely, taking the burden off your own internal IT staff to make sure your organization’s email is secure.

Availability – Many business emails can also give your organization the convenience of being able to access email accounts from anywhere remotely and are not just stuck to the office. That means employees can catch up on their work over the weekend or outside normal working hours, making them more productive.


SMBs who’re serious about their business and what they do to differentiate themselves from spammers by adopting professional business e-mail solution that reflects their authenticity, rather than going for a free email solution. Free e-mail services causes a lot of unnoticed damage to your business – lack of sales conversions, getting contracts, no responses, etc. – as many people don’t take emails from free email services seriously and consider them as spam. Switching to a business email help companies scale, enhance support, and get more customers through new marketing channels.

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