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On the Heels of Google I/O PaLM 2 AI Debuts in Sendbird’s Chatbot API

Over 1,200 businesses can now enable Google’s conversational AI experience, in addition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, in their app built on top of Sendbird APIs for even more flexibility and personalized experiences.

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Sendbird, the global in-app conversations platform with over 300 million monthly active users, today announced it has integrated PaLM 2, Google Bard’s new large language model (LLM), into its low-code chatbot API. Available now, Sendbird is one of the first organizations to power chatbots with Google’s latest AI conversational engine for a commercial product.

“We were given early access to fully integrate Bard’s LLM PaLM 2 into our chatbot API by Google’s I/O’s release,” said John S. Kim, CEO and Co-founder of Sendbird. “This gives our customers even more ways to supercharge chatbots. We’ve already seen fantastic use cases taking off with our ChatGPT integration. Adding Google’s generative AI opens the door to additional possibilities– and this is only the beginning. We expect to announce more generative AI capabilities throughout this year.”

The release of PaLM 2, announced at Google I/O two days ago, improves the quality of Bard’s conversational responses, offering new generative AI experiences such as creative writing, text analysis, coding, math problem solving, and more. PaLM 2 supports multiple languages, including Japanese and Korean.

Unprecedented Opportunity

Integrated into the Sendbird chatbot API, mobile chat app developers and product managers can quickly tap into generative AI’s power to assist users. Businesses can revolutionize their chatbot experience seamlessly with more personalized and sophisticated answers to complicated questions. Sendbird’s chatbot API provides instant access to over 1,300 apps transacting 7 billion+ monthly messages on the Sendbird platform, as well as to new businesses looking to deploy conversational intelligence quickly in their apps.

With the advancement of generative AI, businesses will reinvent their chat experience and move away from legacy, scripted bots like Dialogflow with limited ability to understand user context and questions beyond training scope. By taking context into account with first-party data-driven prompts while producing conversational messages, conversational AI chatbots open a new world of possibilities to increase engagement, user satisfaction, and retention.

Sendbird’s chatbot API is the perfect middleware for online businesses, particularly in verticals like marketplaceshealthcarefinancial serviceson-demand, and education. It lets organizations combine the conversational capabilities of Google and OpenAI with customer data to generate answers tailored to their customers’ exact needs.


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