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Digital Jalebi to Take Part in Bangalore Technology Summit 2019

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Digital Jalebi, India’s leading experiential design studio has booked stall at the upcoming Bangalore Technology Summit 2019. At the summit, the studio will showcase its prowess using AR, VR, and other technologies. Digital Jalebi’s vast canvas of work will also be on display. Visitors to the summit are invited to learn how Digital Jalebi’s team can help them captivate audiences.  

Digital Jalebi is the part of ABAI, a non-profit organisation committed to developing the Animation, VFX and Gaming industry in India. They are a connector of the ecosystem – industry, academia, government & the community – and a catalyst for development. Digital Jalebi is enforcing the vision of Karnataka government to expand the animation and gaming industry with the support of government. 

Digital Studio excels at creating emotive experiences. In the past, it brought to life ideas of leading organisations including Google, Mi, National Geographic, Tata Motors, Asian Paints, Toyota, Pepsi, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others.  Visitors to its display will experience firsthand Digital Jalebi’s skill at weaving engaging narratives with technology. Using strong narratives and cutting edge technology, Digital Jalebi can articulate any vision.       

The studios’ past endeavours include realistic mixed reality renditions of life in smart cities. Using VR it demonstrated how smart cities will be managed by skilled technicians. It has created interactive displays that reveal how gradual advances in technology have changed society and will transform it further. It designed VR platforms people use to play virtual cricket and gamified yoga so it’s easy to learn. This scratches only the surface of the studios’ earlier work.

It excels at building gesture-based applications and has quickly become renowned for building immersive designs and interactive experiences. 

Speaking about its presence at the Bangalore Technology Summit Mr. Nikhil and Fawaz said “We’re delighted to showcase our talent at building engaging narratives with technology to a distinguished audience. Our past successes offer only a glimpse of our true capabilities. At the summit, we have the opportunity to showcase our full potentialities to a technically and artistically savvy audience via demonstrations. We’re confident visitors to our display will feel exhilarated and engaged by the narrative potential of technologies like AR, VR, and others. Our display will educate the public and entertain them too.  For the first time we are broadcasting the event live in 360 degrees as well”.  

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