Revolutionizing Document Verification

This platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing verifiable documents - anchored on the CORD blockchain - empowering users to design, issue, edit, verify and revoke records seamlessly from a single interface.

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Sreepriya Sreekumar, Quality Engineer at Dhiway
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By Sreepriya Sreekumar, Quality Engineer at Dhiway

In a world driven by digital transactions and interactions, the need for secure, efficient and reliable document verification has become paramount. Dhiway, a leading technology company from Bangalore, has stepped into this arena with its verifiable credential lifecycle management platform – MARK Studio.

This platform offers a comprehensive solution for managing verifiable documents - anchored on the CORD blockchain - empowering users to design, issue, edit, verify and revoke records seamlessly from a single interface.

Under the Hood of MARK Studio

At the heart of Dhiway's innovation lies MARK Studio, a versatile blockchain-based platform designed to manage the complete lifecycle of Verifiable Credentials (VC). From inception to revocation, every stage is efficiently managed within this integrated system. The platform's user-friendly interface enables organisations to create and issue various types of verifiable documents, such as academic certificates, professional licenses, identity proofs and much more.

CORD Blockchain: Strong Foundation for Scalable Interactions

The backbone of MARK Studio is the CORD blockchain, a global tokenless blockchain, explicitly engineered for population-scale interactions, engagements and transactions. CORD's architecture ensures security, immutability and scalability, making it an ideal foundation for a foolproof document verification platform.

Blockchain-anchored Verifiable Credentials enables easy validation of the current state of records or documents. Unlike traditional methods, wherein verifying a record's current status is challenging - especially considering the possibility of receiving revoked or updated records or data that could lead to discrepancies - VC offers an effective solution. With Verifiable Credentials, a quick scan of the document provides instant access to its current and accurate status, eliminating any outdated data in circulation.

MARK Studio: Simplifying Credential Lifecycle Management

1. Enhanced Security and Trust

One of the primary advantages of leveraging blockchain technology in document verification is the unparalleled security it offers. The immutability and cryptographic security of the CORD blockchain ensure that once documents are anchored, they cannot be tampered with or altered. This instils trust in the authenticity of the records, eliminating the risk of forgery or manipulation.

2. Streamlined Credentials Management

MARK Studio simplifies the complex process of managing credentials. Users can design, issue, edit and verify documents seamlessly from a unified platform. This streamlines workflows for organisations, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring a consistent and reliable verification process.

3. Universal Accessibility and Interoperability

Being a plug-and-play platform developed in India but tailored for global use, MARK Studio prioritises accessibility and interoperability. It accommodates diverse document types and verification standards, catering to the needs of various industries and geographical locations. Its adaptability makes it an attractive solution for organisations operating on a global scale.


Use Cases: Immense Potential Unleashed

1. Academic Institutions

MARK Studio revolutionises the issuance and verification of academic credentials. Universities and educational institutions can seamlessly issue digital certificates anchored on the CORD blockchain. This not only eliminates the risk of counterfeit degrees, but also simplifies the verification process for employers and other educational institutions.

2. Professional Certifications and Licences

For industries requiring stringent verification of professional certifications and licences, MARK Studio offers a reliable solution. Healthcare, finance and legal sectors can benefit significantly by ensuring the authenticity of qualifications and licenses, reducing fraudulent practices and enhancing trust among stakeholders.

3. Identity Verification and Onboarding

In scenarios requiring stringent identity verification, such as onboarding processes for financial services or KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance, MARK Studio's ability to securely manage identity proofs becomes invaluable. It simplifies the verification process, while maintaining the highest standards of security even in case of the unorganised sector, like verifying the credentials of a driver or delivery person.

Credentials Management Redefined

Dhiway's MARK Studio marks a significant milestone in the realm of document verification and credential management. Its comprehensive features, coupled with the robustness and scalability of the CORD blockchain, present a transformative solution that prioritises security, efficiency and global accessibility.

As the world increasingly embraces digital interactions, platforms like MARK Studio are pivotal in ensuring trust, security and reliability in the verification of essential documents, records, data and credentials.

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