Dell Technologies Forum 2023 Highlights Purpose-Driven Innovation at Forefront of Business Agenda

Dell Technologies' premier event stressed the impact of digital transformation on Indian companies, emphasizing IT-driven development.

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Sep 23, 2023 04:31 IST
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Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India

Dell Technologies concluded their flagship event - Dell Technologies Forum 2023, on the 24th of August, 2023 in Bangalore. Over 1100 attendees including customers and channel partners attended the event in person and over 4000 attendees participated in the Forum virtually. Drawing on the ethos of ‘Transform ideas into innovation faster’, the action-packed event entailed keynote addresses, high-decibel discussions, and over 16 breakouts on topical themes like multi-cloud, edge, security, 'Future of Work,' and modern data infrastructure.

Opening the Forum, Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India, said, “Technology has become the cornerstone of nation-building, empowering progress and fostering innovation in every industry. Dell Technologies is committed to supporting this transformative journey as a catalyst for digital advancement, providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses, governments, and individuals across the nation. We are seeing tremendous success in our role as a technology partner to Indian enterprises,” said, Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India. He further added “With our commitment to digital inclusion through programs and initiatives like Digital LifeCare, we have been driving impactful digital transformation results in India’s growth story. We are elated to be a part of India's global digital economy prowess, fuelled by technology, connectivity and collaboration. With a commitment to innovation, Dell Technologies is not just a technology provider but a partner in India's growth, fuelling the dream of digital transformation”.

In a Trailblazer Fireside Chat on ‘Navigating Disruption and Fostering Innovation’ with Manish Gupta, Vice President, Dell Technologies India spoke to Manoj Chugh, Award Winning Transformational Leader & Distinguished IIT Alumnus  on the increasing scope of work and inception of a new digital highway, powered by the growth of AI and Edge computing. Manish Gupta  said, “With the right technology partner, a business can boost its growth, leveraging purpose-driven innovation. Focusing on the need to utilize advanced technology to meet business demands, should be a priority for Indian enterprises.” 

Manoj Chugh added “In today's fast-evolving world, technology is not just an option but a necessity for the growth of businesses, enabling them to adapt, compete, and thrive in the global market. With AI being at the top of every business’ growth discussion, companies need to prioritize ethical AI, resulting in responsible development and deployment of technology. This is only possible through collaboration and bringing suitable teams together that can help solve problems effectively, fostering innovation and progress. Business leaders play a crucial role in making this possible and integrating technology at the core of their value chain, ensuring that it aligns with company’s ethical standards and strategic goals”. 

Dell Technologies Forum 2023 reiterated the need for innovation at the center of business agenda to the customers and partners. The forum also showcased Dell’s Customer Solution Centre (CSC) Innovation Lab, offering a distinct setting for organizations to assess and implement innovative digital solutions as part of their innovation strategy, to tackle business hurdles. The Innovation Lab is a step forward in Dell’s commitment to empower customers through cutting-edge technologies in advanced analytics, 5G and Edge computing. 

Burzin Engineer, Co-founder and Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe, said “Our goal is to ease digital transactions for a billion plus people, and sustainability lies at the heart of it. To achieve this, we partnered with Dell and NTT to launch our first green data center in India. We collaborated with Dell to lower the power usage and the savings that we are looking at are $3-4 million per year. Dell has not only helped in seamlessly scaling our business but also in reducing our carbon footprint.”

Hosted by Mandira Bedi, actor and artist, Dell Technologies Forum 2023 celebrated customers, partners, and the team of innovators at Dell. To conclude, the Forum saw Sania Mirza, Indian tennis legend, emphasize how individual success mirrors the collective dedication of unsung heroes, similar to Dell Technologies' teamwork elevating the brand's prominence. Dell Technologies Forum 2023 was full of zeal and enthusiasm from partners and customers who trusted Dell as a support for their business growth.

Watch select sessions of Dell Technologies Forum here

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