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Data Ingenious Global & Rajasthan Police offers scalable App for Online Passes During COVID-19 Lockdown

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In the bid to curb overcrowding, Rajasthan Police with the support of global IT innovator,  Data Igenious Global Limited launched a mobile app- RajCop CitizensApp- to enable individuals and company employees in the state take permission for venturing out in necessary conditions. The App has got tremendous response and thousands of people were benefitted.

The developer of the app Data Ingenious Global Limited said that the RajCop CitizensApp is scalable and can be replicated in the states which are still not adopted this digital mode for passes. The Company has offered IT support in case any state requires.

The App was launched in Rajasthan to address the immediate need of the people during the lockdown and its team is working from home to bring changes that will be asked by the government.

“We are undergoing an unprecedented crisis due to novel coronavirus and its cascading effects on human lives resulted in lockdown. Entire country is undergoing through lockdown and its effectiveness in dealing with the crisis is well understood even by people. However, some movement is absolutely necessary to maintain supply chain. There may be some emergency when some people may be forced to go out. We feel our expertise in the IT sector was recognized by Rajasthan Police and we were asked to do the lockdown pass work by the government,” said Dr. Ajay Data CEO, Data Ingenious Global Limited.

“We took it as a challenge and our team worked from home continuously for four days and It is promising to note that we could deliver an advance lockdown pass system to ease the life of people involved in essential services and in case emergencies. We have capabilities to offer IT support to other states as well, if required,” “We have also start Hindi version application from today,” he further added.

The RajCop citizen’s App was launched on Saturday 28 March 2020 at Android Play Store in English but every day it will be modified to suit the need of people especially those at the bottom of the pyramid, Sharat Kaviraj, DIG, State Crime Record Bureau.

“Right now we are using both technology and humanitarian approach to control the lockdown. We have now briefed our staff to check documents and allow people to move. ration shops (under PDS) dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths meat and fish, animal fodder come under the list of essential services can avail the pass by downloading app.” Kaviraj said.

Many companies involved in essential services have complained about police on road punishing their employees during the lockdown. During this lockdown, only essential services are allowed to function. According to the Home Ministry, ration shops (under PDS) dealing with food, groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy and milk booths meat and fish, animal fodder come under the list of essential services.

Banks, insurance offices, ATMs, Print and electronic media, Telecommunications, internet services, broadcasting, cable services, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and transportation of  goods are some of those included under essential services list.

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