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CoWrks partners with EdSanta to Offer Next-Gen Learning to members via Elite

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Coworking space leader CoWrks has announced its decision to partner with EdSanta Education, a leading EdTech firm. This pathbreaking strategic partnership will enrich the CoWrks offering to its members with EdSanta’s flagship product “Elite”, the world’s #1 platform for curated learning.

Elite for the Workplace is an AI-driven platform that has created a paradigm shift in the way learners perceive professional learning. The platform offers just-in-time learning to busy professionals through an unlimited library of thoughtfully curated content including videos, podcasts, blogs, and courses on more than 800 skills.

“In keeping with our core value – to be obsessed with our members – we wanted to bring impactful learning to them. There is nothing more impactful than learning and growth to a professional’s career. While CoWrks centers provide the optimal physical environment for our members to work and grow, Elite provides them the optimal intellectual environment, insights, and feedback to learn and grow. An ideal partnership for all parties,” said CoWrks Community and Experiences representative, Manonmayi M.

Bhanu Prasad, the COO of Edsanta Education, an inveterate learner who is keen to imbibe new concepts and technologies, echoed these sentiments. The IITian’s excitement in the new partnership was very evident as he enthused, “Elite is all about community and learning through sharing. It is heartening that a leading workspace solution provider like CoWrks had the vision to see the benefit of this platform for its members. I strongly believe that learning is a habit that can and must be cultivated for the growth of a company and thereby the community. Elite is the ideal solution for this.”

“We are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our member experience. Elite is a platform that enables members to pursue their personalized learning through well-defined paths, where the ultimate objective is their career goal. At the same time, the member is part of a larger community where they can share knowledge and communicate with peers and mentors alike. This concept of clearly defined personal space, which runs in tandem with a community and shared resources, resonates with our core values and concepts. Once we realized this, the partnership was a no-brainer,” added CoWrks’ Manonmayi.

“Learning has evolved beyond e-learning. Even with online learning booming due to this pandemic, less than 3 per cent of courses initiated are completed. People don’t have the time to spend on long-winded courses! The fact is most online courses are well past their sell by date. Technology is evolving at such a fast pace that a course created a year ago might be redundant today. In fact, I can’t remember when I last enrolled for a course. That doesn’t mean that my learning is static. I learn something new every day through videos and podcasts by my favourite SMEs. Of course, it helps that I have access to Elite to get my favourite learning content,” said Shashwat Swaroop, EdSanta’s CPO.

Elite is set to revolutionize professional learning. This is not surprising, as EdSanta Education’s vision is to build easy-to-use technology platforms that would empower learners in all facets of their life. Apart from Elite, they have also produced other learning and skilling solutions like Get Me A Course, Get Me A Guru, Get Me Employed, and AdSmart.

This quick and easy app allows you to carry your learning tools with you, while you go about your daily routine. Imagine learning the basics of UX design while you are on your coffee break. No need to search and agonize over whether that course is worthwhile; simply follow the path that Elite’s AI engine draws up for you and find success. That is what CoWrks is bringing to their members with this partnership.

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