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Mastercard Partners with KredX for Rewarding B2B Payments

integrates commercial card service with supply chain finance platform to get rid of issues with chargebacks, vendor acceptance, and accounting and reconciliation processes

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Mastercard today announced its collaboration with KredX, a supply chain finance platform, to make B2B digital payments rewarding for both enterprises and vendors. As part of the collaboration, Mastercard will integrate its commercial card service with the KredX platform, eliminating the complexities associated with B2B payments, especially those made via cards.

Equipped with features like dynamic discounting, early payment and price discovery, the platform will enable enterprises and vendors to improve their cash flows. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it will act as a complete procure-to-pay offering for businesses, helping them with faster and more efficient matching and processing of invoices. Further, the Smart Bid algorithm will help enterprises discover the best discount rates from vendors.

“B2B payments are ridden with complexities of diverse invoicing, payment terms, currency variations, and reconciliation procedures. Combining KredX’s proprietary technology with Mastercard’s expertise in commercial payment solutions will create a pioneering B2B payments solution accessible to all businesses, supporting them with better cash flows and access to working capital. This collaboration reiterates Mastercard’s commitment to further digital payments acceptance by providing unique and innovative solutions to businesses,” said Mukul Sukhani, Senior Vice President, Business Development, South Asia, Mastercard.

The platform will also address some of the other challenges associated with B2B payments, such as long accounting and reconciliation processes, low vendor acceptance, and frequent chargeback. Further, it will be instrumental in promoting digital payments acceptance by allowing small vendors to receive payments even in the absence of in-house payment gateways and PoS machines.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Mastercard to provide a complete B2B payments solution for businesses. By integrating pre-discounting journeys with post-discounting payments, this platform will enhance companies’ operational efficiency and strengthen their supply chain management capabilities. Accelerating supply chain velocity through financial innovation has been central to KredX’s value proposition,” said Manish Kumar, CEO & Founder, KredX.


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