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Bizzo to Focus on Enabling Travel and Hospitality Sector of Uttrakhand

More than 47,000 businesses have installed the app from various parts of India since April this year and Bizzo now aims to take its mission pan-India and increase efforts and focus in Uttarakhand.

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Bizzo is a tech start-up brand that has been launched with the aim of being a transformational force for the vast community of businesses in the travel, tourism and hospitality value chain in India. More than 47,000 businesses have installed the app from various parts of India since April this year and Bizzo now aims to take its mission pan-India and increase efforts and focus in Uttarakhand.

Backed by India’s largest private bank, VC firms, and reputed angel investors such as ICICI Bank and Orios Venture Partners, Bizzo is dedicated to empowering travel and tourism service providers like Hotels, Villas, homestays, Tour operators, Tour guides, Car rentals, Fleet operators to automate their business and saving time and money. It does this by helping businesses to go digital and connect with their customers directly without the intervention of aggregators, enabling them to retain 100% of their profits and boost revenues.

In addition to being home to some of India’s holiest pilgrimage sites, Uttarakhand is also fast becoming the go-to adventure capital of India. Tourism sector is a major contributor to the state’s economy.  Bizzo has launched limited period incentives for travel, tourism and hospitality businesses who install and register their services on the Bizzo app. The ultimate aim is to help the state’s vast cohort of confident and atmanirbhar businesses to thrive digitally and lessen their dependence on aggregators.

Bizzo’s Uttarakhand expansion plans come at the heels of its success in Maharashtra where they launched a one-of-a-kind initiative called Go Mahabaleshwar One city, one QR, which brings together travellers and travel and tourism service providers on one single platform.  Hundreds of travel-tourism and hospitality service providers in Mahabaleshwar signed up on Bizzo and created a booking website, all of them were listed on the GoMahabaleshwar website, thereby giving them access to the potential travellers to Mahabaleshwar. Bizzo did not partake in any commission, ensuring that they retain their entire profit, and save up to 30% on aggregator commissions.

This also enabled businesses to establish their own brand and to attract their customers by creating and promoting a host of attractive personalised coupons via the Bizzo app. The app is also designed to help consolidate bookings from all social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, Justdial and Google on one single digital interface. This will help in automating various mundane tasks such as bookings, inventory management, generating confirmation vouchers, invoicing, collecting payments, managing and rescheduling bookings, saving their time and money. And lastly, with an aim to help service providers manage their business more effectively, Bizzo’s Staff App works as a seamless platform to help business owners to keep track and manage their staff remotely and also allows their staff to manage their business in their absence

Commenting on their experience with Bizzo,  Lokesh Singh Rahwat, owner of Le Benz Hotel in Dehradun “Before I got on to Bizzo, a major part of my income had to be given away to aggregators. When I started using their app, not only did I save a lot of my income but it also helped me not miss out on any bookings. My entire business is now digital and Bizzo helps me to keep a clear tab on my bookings and payments received. It is truly a one-stop destination for digitising a business in a hassle-free way.”

So far, Bizzo has approximately 20,000 active users across India. It intends to add 5000 Bizzo users to its network by the end of 2022 from Uttarakhand alone, ultimately aiming to stitch together an ecosystem of travel, tourism and hospitality value chain across India and empower them to take their businesses online

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