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Case Study: How e-Commerce Transformed the Local Business in Global

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E-commerce is gaining all the more importance and acceptance due to the ongoing Pandemic situation. Since the new normal of COVID-19 have become a reality, digital technologies have also been included in the new normal regime. In a recently published market insight report from showcased that 65% of Indian sellers on the platform have no exporting experience while 32% of incoming sellers have no international eCommerce experience. In light of this, conducts regular training programs that can empower our sellers and help them go through these special circumstances. Well, in order to understand the digital journey of typical Indian MSME through Alibaba, SMEStreet initiated a conversation thread in which we try to understand digital usage experience of an MSME.

Virendra Sekhawat, Alibaba
Virendra Sekhawat

In a conversation with the Owner of Shri Ashpura Jewels, Virendra Shekhawat, we understood the following key points with regard to Mr Choksi’s experience of using Alibaba’s services. Here are the edited excerpts:

  • What was the main challenge they were facing before they realized the need for Alibaba’s platform?

As a first-generation business owner, when Asha Pura Jewels reached scaled to a point where we wanted to find international buyers, proved pivotal in that regard

  • How did Alibaba solve your major business problems? has helped in numerous ways – no matter whether our problems were large or small. Whether it’s Free On-Board or Minimum Order Quantity, we’ve never faced any issues working with the platform. 

  • What level of growth or profitability did you achieve with Alibaba?

Our international growth owing to has been phenomenal. Our first 50 customers from Europe and the United States came through the platform.

  • Is there any observation on getting new customers through Alibaba?

In the current economic scenario and owing to the cancellation of numerous on-ground trade shows that would usually be a good place to source buyers,’s online offerings for wholesalers like us is proving highly beneficial.  

  • According to you, what will be your relationship likely to take shape with Alibaba be in next two years?

What’s great is support from is available 24×7 and we end up just having to spend 30 minutes, per day, on the platform to efficiently manage our business. We hope to sustain this trust and engagement. 

  • What are the key takeaways that an SME business owner can expect from online commerce or e-marketplace?

When it comes to e-marketplaces, it’s important for business owners to spend as much time as they can in the beginning on the platform to understand the capabilities and solutions as well as services on offer that will help them grow.

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