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Building Future Ready IT Infra

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In an exclusive conversation with SMEStreet team, Brendan Walsh, Director of Sales, APAC, Opengear explained cutting edge trends in enterprise networking and IT infrastructure management.

On Building an Intelligence Layer On IT Infra

Q: What is the need for Network Resilience in order to add a layer of intelligence to the backbone of an enterprise – the IT infrastructure?

As India embraces the digital world, more and more information will be stored, accessed and used to compile outcomes. The more this happens, the more reliant enterprises become on this information. The entire network becomes a critical component to the backbone of this information flow and building network resilience is no longer an option, it’s a must.

Q: Launch Of Operations Manager Appliances that brings Smart Out-of-Band and NetOps automation together in a single piece of hardware?

Networks are expanding at a staggering rate, both in the DC and at the Edge. Network management has traditionally been completed by engineers at the command or CLI level. As we move forward and with the growth of the network, network management is quickly moving to NetOps automation, using tools like Ansible, Docker, Git etc. The Opengear Operation Manager bridges the gap with the ability to run Smart Out of Band along with the new Network Automation toolsets. And as with the Smart Out of Band, the Opengear Operations Manager is vendor agnostic.

IT Infra Transformation

Q: How Opengear is helping its customers transform the IT infrastructure for the future?

The Opengear solution allows our clients to manage their entire network as if they were sitting in front of the network equipment, regardless of the brand, location and or time of day. Along with this ability to access, Opengear promotes a pro-active network management approach with the view that our client’s counter risks before becoming issues that affect business outcomes.

Q: How is enterprise networking security is transforming these days?

A good example would be in 2020, remote workers became a mainstay of our increasingly connected and automated world and going into 2021 it will also bring new security paradigms. Enterprises have often relied on location-based physical security measures and now going forward they will have to add new layers of virtual security to cater for the remote access.

Tech Trends

Q: What are the contemporary technology trends you are experiencing with context of work from Anywhere concept?

IOT, 5G are both growing at an unparalleled rate, with that so will the Network Edge continue to grow in both size and scope. The implications of these new architecture will allow for transformational business practises, however, so will the reliance of the information be being sent across these networks. Another key component will be security of all this information and importantly building out systems that can adapt quickly as inevitable threats arise.

On India Plans

Q: What are your future plans for India market?

The India market is one of the key regions Opengear are aggressively expanding into. With our distributors we are working to establish new partnerships with key Indian partners and at the same time introduce Indian Enterprise to the unique Opengear offering that helps build out a comprehensive network resilience solution.

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