boAt with KaHa Technologies Develops Smartwatches to Help Monitor and Diagnose Patients

This joint venture to offer primary, preventive, and customized healthcare data. The launch of Lunar Call Pro and Lunar Connect Pro series smartwatches developed by KaHa comes with features cutting across Fitness, Wellness, Lifestyle and Sports.

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boAt with KaHa Technologies develops smartwatches

boAt has developed next-generation smartwatches with Singapore-based KaHa Technologies to offer primary, preventive, and customized healthcare data. These wearables can consistently track health data which will provide insights into one’s health,  through AI based algorithm using data that is vastly different from conventional data that are all collected in the hospital.

These watches come integrated with KaHa's unique, flagship algorithms covering Stress and HRV monitoring, Nightly Respiratory rate measurement, Auto activity detection, Sleep and Energy score determination and many more. The algorithms coupled with an unique feature set and differentiated UI puts boAt and KaHa at the forefront of cutting edge innovation. It lays a solid foundation to further adopt AI and Machine learning in creating personalized and unique experiences for our customers thereby empowering them to a healthy way of life.

Recently in Singapore KaHa partnered with Jalan Kayu Community Health Club (JKCHC) - a one-stop platform where senior citizens can have greater access to health talks, health coaching sessions, health screenings, fitness and wellness programs in their neighbourhood. The newly developed smartwatches were  provided to the club members  for them to monitor their vitals regularly. This project was implemented with the support of health partners such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH),  and extend soon to General Practitioner Clinics starting with Pinnacle Family Clinics. A formal ceremony was also hosted in the august presence of Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong.

Pawan Gandhi - Founder, and CEO - COVE IoT - KaHa Pte Ltd said, “Smart Watches have been a game-changing technology for users to achieve better fitness and health. Artificial Intelligence based algorithms can provide personal insights and KaHa has been a pioneer in this domain with considerable IP and leading the industry. Our platform has been deployed by companies and health agencies in the United States of America, and Europe in addition to Singapore. With complete end-to-end in-house technology, KaHa plans to deploy these solutions for Indian consumers with its parent company Imagine Marketing Pvt Ltd soon. These watches will soon be available in India too.”

“boAt is the most loved smartwatch brand in India, and we will be pioneering this initiative in India through an ecosystem of partners to bring the best advantage to Indian users.” He added.

Sameer Mehta, Co-founder, and Chief Product Officer at boAt said, “Smartwatches are handy, look stylish and provide access to notifications at a turn of the wrist. We believe the insights gained from health data from these newly engineered smartwatches can change the clinical approach and significantly expedite our illness discovery process. This diagnostic project will not only benefit us today but will also prepare us for the future.”

boAt acquired Singapore-based KaHa Pte Ltd, an end-to-end smart IoT product development company in the year 2022 to develop IoT-Enabled Wearables. KaHa has experience in building IoT devices and offers a technology-focused platform for wearables with proprietary AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as end-to-end smart wearable solutions. KaHa has received the prestigious Clarivate award for Innovation for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021.


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