Bluehost Launched Program For WordPress Website Creators & Developers - Maestro

Bluehost’s Maestro is a program that empowers WordPress website creators, developers and designers with tools to manage multiple clients and websites on one single platform.

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Nov 26, 2020 08:59 IST

Bluehost, a top-rated web host by, announced the launch of Maestro, a new initiative designed for WordPress website creators, designers, and developers (web professionals). True to its name, Bluehost’s Maestro ‘masterfully’ brings together tools and features for web professionals to manage their work efficiently and save time.

WordPress enjoys the distinction of being the most preferred content management system (CMS) for building websites.  It powers 34% or one-third of the Internet and 60% CMS-built sites1. Bluehost has been one of the tops trusted WordPress hosting brands recommended by for the past ten years.

Bluehost’s Maestro is developed based on ongoing feedback from the web professionals community and WordPress experts. In this early version, an account on Bluehost’s Maestro offers the ability to organize all WordPress sites, categorize them by clients, onto a single dashboard. Moreover, these benefits are unlocked to even those users who do not use Bluehost as a web hosting provider. An account on Bluehost’s Maestro provides single-click access for WordPress sites agnostic of the web hosting provider, and complete management of any site hosted with Bluehost.

There has been high demand for web presence services as micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) embrace digital to survive in a contactless economy. In a recently conducted survey by Endurance Group - APAC2,  web professionals in India recorded a positive sentiment towards the future of their business. According to the survey, 54 percent of web professionals added up to a quarter of their new clients amidst Covid-19. Demand from MSMEs is the highest for website development services (54 percent), e-commerce integration (49 percent), custom-built web and mobile apps (46 percent), and social media marketing (34 percent).

Moreover, as the volume of business increases,  web professionals say that customer management and coordination challenges also increase. 60 percent cite follow-ups for payments to be the most tedious, followed by a collection of information such as content, images, and logos across different communication mediums. 26 percent cite security of data to be a key challenge. An overwhelming 90 percent say that a single dashboard to manage their client websites and interactions will help them save time and effort to manage their work more efficiently.

Bluehost’s Maestro aims to improve the productivity of web professionals by providing single dashboard access which removes the hassle of keeping track of usernames and passwords. Clients can now securely authorize web professionals to manage their sites with a simple click of a button, without sharing their passwords.

“The pandemic has been a force multiplier for digitization. As more and more MSMEs take ownership of their digital presence, opportunities for India’s web professionals will continue to swell.  Bluehost’s Maestro is an initiative to serve web professionals with better tools and features to vitalize their capabilities and help them increase their productivity.”, said Manish Dalal, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Endurance APAC, the parent company of web presence brands like Bluehost, HostGator,  ResellerClub, BigRock.

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