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Birla- Furukawa Offers Solutions for Ultra High Fiber Count High Density Cables

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Birla Furukawa Fibre Optics Private Limited is the Joint Venture Company formed between Universal Cables Limited, India and Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. The continuing rapid increase in bandwidth demand has created an urgent need for data centers to increase the capacity of optical fiber networks. Within and between existing data center buildings, it has become necessary to maximize the fiber count in existing conduit to avoid expensive and time-consuming creation of new installations.

Based on experience in this area and long-term commitment to the market, Birla-Furukawa offers solutions for the Ultra High Fiber Count High Density Cables along with End to End 400G Connectivity solutions for the Data Center to Data Center Interconnectivity. Mr. Nitin Nayak, Business Head at Birla Furukawa said “Ultra High Density Fiber and 400G is the Future of Data Center”.

Recently, the data traffic in the world is experiencing a swift increase due to the spread of internet services and cloud applications and further capacity enlargement of the optical fiber network is required. Demands of the ultra-high fiber count cable with over 3000 fibers is growing at the data centers and it is required to install as many fibers as possible in the existing ducts explains Mr. Nitin Nayak, Data Center-Business Head at Birla Furukawa.

BFL offers solutions in 6912F, 3456F, 1728F etc totally dry cables in less than 30mm outer diameter to easily fit into 1.5inch conduits. This is supported by patented AccuTube + Rollable Ribbon Fiber, created specifically to maximize duct utilization for ultra-high fiber count applications. Cables with Rollable ribbons are smaller and lighter weight than conventional flat ribbon cables. These cable designs allow installers to double the density of existing pathways. The completely gel-free design also helps to reduce the time required for preparation for splicing. With its ability to maximize duct utilization, the AccuTube+ RR Cable is an ideal choice for connecting data centers.

To further complement this UHFC High Density Cables, we also offer High Capacity Splice closures, OCEF for Mass Fusion Splicing, High Density Trunk Cables, High Density Fiber termination Shelf, HD Patch panels, Break out Cables, MPO Cassettes, Ultra Low Loss Patch cords etc. Fusion splicer and tools for user friendly splicing solutions optimized for Rollable Ribbon mass fusion splice allows for High speed operation, he adds.

This is, according to Mr. Nitin Nayak, one of the main differentials of Birla-Furukawa. In addition to Data Center to Data Center Interconnectivity solutions, the company also have 400G-ready data center solutions and offers a suite of services such as blueprint, installation support, with inspection tracking, training, streamlined logistics, and an extended 25-year warranty (per program). “It is the combination of these factors that will ensure the success of the project and make the data center 400G ready,” he says.

Mr. Nayak also emphasizes that, while promoting this solution, Birla-Furukawa maintains a constant evaluation of the evolution of the industry in this area, participating in regulatory forums and following market movements

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