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Better Profit Alternatives to Bitcoin Games

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The one thing everyone knows about Bitcoin is that it can be an incredible way to earn some extra spending money. While there are plenty of different ways to do this with the popular through Bitcoin, one trend that’s been on everyone’s tongue recently is the Bitcoin games trend! It’s easy to see why so many people are turning to it as a way to increase their Bitcoin stash. They’re fun, they’re free, and they’re easy to access! While all of this might be true, there are downsides to these games, which is why you might want to look at some nice alternatives.

The Downsides of Bitcoin Games

The biggest downside to earning Bitcoin through Bitcoin games is the amount you can get. Sure, the chance to earn Bitcoin by gaming is an incredible opportunity, but the payoff isn’t exactly great. Unless you go for the Bitcoin games that veer more into the gambling than gaming category, the sums you can earn by progressing through the levels are very small. If you’re consistent and play these games regularly, you can eventually save up a decent amount of Bitcoin, but this can take a long, long time.

Another big downside to playing Bitcoin games can be the gameplay experience itself. Bitcoin games are endlessly entertaining thanks to their old-school arcade-style, but the frequent ads they display can be a big mood killer. It’s understandable why the hosting sites run ads on these games, but since they appear way too often, many players are put off by them and quit pretty early on.

The Automated Trading Alternative

While Bitcoin trading usually comes with plenty of hard requirements, automated trading software like Bitcoin Circuit makes all of that a thing of the past. Like Bitcoin games, automated trading is a very laidback Bitcoin profit method that users can easily get into. Automated trading certainly isn’t as fun as Bitcoin games, but what it lacks in entertainment value it more than makes up for when it comes to earning potential!

The automated trading software makes it easy to start trading thanks to the advanced AI technology uses. The trading bots scour the available investment opportunities out there and take the most optimal ones as soon as they’re available. Of course, this means that users don’t need any trading knowledge or experience to give the software a shot. While knowing a few trading tips and tricks can come in handy when setting things up, it’s not a prerequisite to start earning a nice stream of income.

The Bitcoin Freelancing Alternative

Like Bitcoin games, Bitcoin freelancing is a somewhat recent trend on the Bitcoin scene. Thankfully, it can be a lot more profitable than Bitcoin games for the same amount of effort! Since the Bitcoin freelancing scene is very versatile, it’s not hard to run into gigs that take little to complete. Among the popular gigs in this low-effort category, you’ll find tasks like filling out surveys and website testing! Both of these tasks take up to thirty minutes to complete and require no special skills!

Thankfully, Bitcoin freelancing offers plenty more work opportunities than just these low-effort gigs. You can always get creative and find more specialized work that pays hefty sums for a job well done. This can include anything from photography and design to social media marketing and technical writing! If you’re looking to make the big bucks, you might want to take some online coding courses first. Coding is not only one of the most in-demand skills in freelancing right now, but it’s also among the highest-paid ones!

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