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Bengaluru Leads in the Tech Jobs Index: Indeed

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According to data from Indeed, the world’s no. 1 job site, Bengaluru is the leading city for those seeking job opportunities in the technology sector, by a considerable margin, with 22% of all job postings in the country originating from the city. It is followed by Delhi-NCR (comprising New Delhi, Noida and Gurugram), Pune, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, making up the top five destinations for technology careers in India. Smaller cities such as Mohali and Ahmedabad also see a fair share of job postings in the sector; with Chennai also featuring in the leading cities for jobs in the technology sector.

Top cities for technology jobs in India:

RankCity% of national tech jobs

Aptly named the Silicon Valley of India, it comes as no surprise that Bengaluru continues to lead in terms of job opportunities in the technology sector, given that it has in the past been the home ground for several start-ups. According to a previous study by Indeed, Bengaluru is also the leading city in India for jobs related to blockchain, an upcoming segment in the technology space.

While the actively job seeking age group of 20-29 year olds continue to show a relatively high level of interest in the technology sector – indeed, the age group is also the most actively hired; interestingly, senior job-seekers above the age of 55 are also showing significant interest in the sector. Conversely, the 40-49 age group shows the least interest in the sector.

Commenting on the subject, Mr. Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed, said, “Today organizations must keep constantly evolving in order to keep pace with the advent of new technologies, be it artificial intelligence, machine learning, or big data analytics. New technologies bring with them opportunities for employment, as new job roles emerge in their wake. However, while there are ample jobs available in India, the need of the hour is talent that is adequately skilled to fulfil the responsibilities the job entails. Employers all over the world are in search of employees with the ability to continuously upskill themselves, and thus continue to stay relevant to the organisation.”

There has been consistent demand for professionals in the technology sector, with jobs outnumbering talent, due to a persistent skill gap or talent mismatch. While India produces a significant share of the world’s graduates, there is an urgent need to ensure parity between skilling programmes and industry’s requirements. It is up to both employers and job seekers to undertake measures that help in developing the requisite skills for the job roles in question. Such initiatives could go a long way towards reducing the skills gap and alleviating the perceived talent crunch that companies are facing.

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