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AVAR Cyber Conclave Raises Awareness on Newer Cyber-Threats

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K7 Computing Private Limited, a homegrown cybersecurity industry leader, hosted the prestigious AVAR Cyber Conclave 2019 in Bangalore, India

With the attackers exploiting the vulnerabilities in the systems, globally, the massive damage wrought by the cybercriminals may be fathomed by the estimates of losses due to ransomware alone amounting to over USD 8 billion (approximately INR 56,700 crore).   The aim of the event was to generate greater awareness in industry for having a concrete blueprint for ensuring data security at all ends.

Speaking about AVAR Cyber Conclave, J Kesavardhanan, MD & CEO, K7 Computing said, “The aim of AVAR is to bring all stakeholders, those who are helping to fend off the cyber-threats and attacks, onto a single platform to share information on the various threats that arise every now and then. AVAR shall organise such events regularly in the country so that more and more people can be part of such events.”

Highlighting about the need to have stringent data security policies being adopted by the companies, Allan Dyer, Chairman, AVAR, said, “All countries need to work together. We have to move against the cybercriminals by moving away from retribution to attribution.We have to ensure that every stakeholder in the ecosystem is educated about cyber threats and ways to protect their data from being attacked. This would need a collective approach from companies across the globe.”

Since the launch of the Digital India 2015, there has been a quantum jump in the number of attacks as more and more people and their data are now online.

In line with this, Pratap Reddy, IPS, Karnataka, said, “While India is becoming a digital hub,  there are multiple dynamics that would need a cover. There are major challenges is fighting these cyber threats. Firms are reluctant to share information on attacks. We need a seamless sharing of information and there needs to be a default agency to share information on attacks. We will need more support from the companies to share the right information with us so that we can provide them the required help.”

The event was held not only to benefit industry, but also to expand knowledge-sharing and networking in the global scenario.

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