ATEN Offers Hybrid Solutions to Enable Workplace Flexibility

Hybrid implementations can be adjusted with a fluidity that ensures collaboration and productivity

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ATEN International, the leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, has introduced a series of hybrid workplace solutions, under the new normal brought about by the pandemic. They include collaboration, desktop, content creation, docking, and remote access solutions which support the highest resolutions and quality for applications at all locations in any hybrid workplace model. As people begin to return to work, and organizations look forward and decide on their hybrid working models, it's not so much that the office has changed, but the way that we utilize it that is shifting. New working models are unlikely to be a clear binary choice, but rather something more flexible. With the right types of adaptive solutions in place, organizations and workers will be able to bridge the gap between variable working arrangements and make sure that productive hybrid work is here to stay.
In a 2021 global survey by Statista, 73% of employees surveyed said they want flexible remote work options to stay post-pandemic. Furthermore, 87% of UK workers have accelerated their digital transformation projects, and 86% are enjoying the benefits of these new technologies as these are adoptions that were already in place according to research from The Workforce Institute at UKG. It's mostly a matter of re-imagining some key core technologies that are useful for the hybrid workplace - and they are largely already available.

These Solutions Include:

Conference Room - Collaborative Remote Participant-enabled Conference Room Solutions
Conference room equipment needs to ensure that remote participants are fully accommodated with a level of inclusivity that ensures their well-being and continued productivity. ATEN presentation matrix switch solutions facilitate local and remote collaboration and content sharing in such a way that remote workers feel as engaged and empowered as those in the room.
Studio - Pro-level Content Creation & Livestreaming Solutions
The ever-increasing importance of dynamic video content to engage strategic partners in all aspects of the hybrid landscape has made in-house studios a valuable commodity. ATEN provides convenient content creation and livestreaming tools that allow businesses to transition tradeshows, sales presentations, conferences, and even corporate training, to a virtual format to be livestreamed to any platform.
Desktop Workstation - Agile, Ergonomic, & Adaptive Desktop Workstation Solutions
In order to create a smarter and more ergonomic environment for an increasingly adaptive workforce, it is now necessary to future-proof workstations with high-performance workstation solutions optimized for productive multitasking. ATEN desktop KVM switch solutions support both in-house team and flexible hotdeskers to work smarter in an evolving hybrid landscape.
Server Room - Secure, Remote Access IT Infrastructure Management Solutions
For any workplace setup, ATEN over IP solutions offer smooth, secure remote access to all devices in corporate server rooms. The complete infrastructure is accessible from anywhere via a single portal, ensuring that critical systems can be managed remotely and in real time to maintain the seamless provision of IT services required to keep businesses moving.
Huddle Space - Streamlined, Impromptu Communication BYOD Meeting Solutions
The implementation of thriving meeting spaces for impromptu team interactions is the key to productivity and results in the new hybrid work environment. ATEN presentation switch solutions provide advanced collaborative functions to maximize engagement, such as BYOD and interactive whiteboards, in order to optimize communication by more effectively managing employee interactions in any space.
Work-From-Home - Full Unrestricted Access over IP, Hack-proof Remote Working Solutions
Remote workers must be able to access tools with a consistent experience as when in the office with as little disruption as possible. ATEN solutions are hardware-based with all remote connections protected with encryption so that data and workflow remain secure from end to end while still enabling synchronous working in real time to maintain productivity.
Flex Working - Work-from-Anywhere USB-C Connectivity Docking Solutions
Companies are building up their employees' work-from-anywhere capabilities for an easier transition into the new normal and to remain engaged in productivity wherever they are located. This includes smart offices where regional flex workers can utilize docking stations that are highly portable with powerful desktop features, USB-C connectivity, and all the extra expansion capabilities required.
Flex Working - Professional On-the-go Video Capture & Livestreaming Solutions
As smaller companies transition their workforces to adaptive models, single-person production studios for on-the-go flex workers are becoming essential tools. These cost-effective distance-working solutions allow any camera to be converted into a high-quality webcam to livestream business presentations and sales meetings on a variety of CDN and OBS platforms.
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