AI Gamechangers Award at the GPAI Summit 2023

Senior-level government delegations from 26 GPAI member countries and the EU will participate in the Summit along with GPAI’s multi-stakeholder Experts’ Group, Global AI Experts, multilateral organizations, and other relevant stakeholders.

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AI Gamechangers Award at the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit 2023

The Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) is a multi-stakeholder initiative which aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice on AI by supporting cutting-edge research and applied activities on AI-related priorities. Launched in June 2020 with 15 members, today GPAI’s membership has expanded to 28 member countries and the European Union (EU) As one of the founding members of GPAI in 2020, the current incoming Support Chair of GPAI, and the Lead Chair for GPAI in 2024, India is hosting the Annual GPAI Summit here from December 12-14, 2023. The event will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on December 12, 2023

Senior-level government delegations from 26 GPAI member countries and the EU will participate in the Summit along with GPAI’s multi-stakeholder Experts’ Group, Global AI Experts, multilateral organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. As part of the Annual GPAI Summit, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is organizing the AI Gamechangers Award. This prestigious event will recognize and award AI entrepreneurs and innovators from diverse backgrounds to highlight their innovative AI solutions, furthering the technological frontier and GPAI’s thematic priorities of Global Health, Climate Change, Resilient Society, Collaborative AI for Global Partnership (CAIGP) and Sustainable Agriculture.

The call for applications for the AI Gamechangers Award, spanning from September 12th to November 15th, 2023, garnered an overwhelming response from a diverse pool of startups. A Review Committee, comprising members from government, civil society, academia, and industry, meticulously evaluated the submissions. Top 10 Startups were selected by the Committee after detailed deliberations and assessment of innovative solutions presented by the startups. The startups demonstrated cutting-edge advancements in safe and secure AI development, ranging from innovative applications in agriculture, healthcare, and finance to addressing challenges in dairy farming, crowd-sourced data collection, and combating misinformation. Each presentation reflected a commitment to technological innovation addressing current societal challenges and aligning with GPAI's mission of promoting ethical AI practices.

The selected top 10 start-ups are:

Start-Up Name



Areete Business Solutions (ABS) Private Limited

Srinivas Subramanian, V S Shridhar and Sriram Subramanian

ABS is focused on addressing the needs of Indian Dairy Farmers by solving the problems of cattle productivity and health. Their IoT solution with its neck-based tag and multilingual mobile app provides actionable alerts which are generated by using AI/ML to interpret data such as changes of behaviour like standing, sitting, rumination, mounting and body temperature.

DronaMaps Private Limited

Ayushi Mishra and Utkarsh Singh

DronaMaps provides command and control centre solutions built on the backbone of drone-based maps and AI. With high-frequency mapping DronaMaps extracts 100+ features for comprehensive decision-making.

GenroboticInnovations Private Limited

Vimal Govind M.K, Arun George, Rashid K, and Nikhil N P

Genrobotics, a robotics company, aims to provide quality and reliable health-tech solutions for people facing disabilities. Their AI-enhanced Robotic Gait Rehabilitator, G Gaiter, accelerates rehabilitation for patients with Gait disabilities, utilising patented G PLOT Technology.

NAYAN India Science and Technologies Private Limited

Jayant Ratti

NAYAN, an Artificial Intelligence-based vision processing product, leverages the power of smartphones, Fleets, Dashcams, and Drones to collect crowd-sourced and visual data from multiple locations.

Neodocs Healthcare Private Limited

Nikunj Malpani, Pratik Lodha, and Anurag Meena

Neodocsis building instant, smartphone-based tests using AI/ML and computer vision that can be done anytime, anywhere. One needs to simply take the test, click a photo using their phone, and results are generated within 30 seconds.

Newzera Tech Labs Private Limited

Shrey Sharma

Utilising advanced AI, Newzera’s NewzGPT generates real-time, personalised news summaries and AI-crafted videos, tackling information overload and misinformation. This tech-driven approach ensures unbiased, fact-checked news, enhancing news literacy and promoting informed decision-making.

Qure ai Technologies Private Limited

Prashant Warier leverages advanced AI and deep learning to enhance healthcare accessibility and equity across the world. Specialising in medical imaging and care coordination, our flagship qXR solution revolutionises radiology by providing immediate chest X-ray analyses, identifying up to 30 different abnormalities.

SarvDeepcall Private Limited (Naam)

Arpit Tak and Ramesh Choudhary

Naam is an AI based Contact Identification App which allows users to identify unknown calls, spammers without syncing the contacts. Through cutting-edge AI solutions, it transforms data from diverse public sources into actionable insights, driving informed decision-making.

Tarisa Technologies Private Limited

Dipendu Biswas and Karatoa Biswas

Tarisa Technologies offers an AI co-pilot to banks, facilitating responsible lending for the benefit of a resilient society. The platform is vigilantly monitored to ensure responsible risk assessment, encompassing borrowers of any gender, economic status, industry, and community.

Titodi Infotech Private Limited (KissanAI)

Pratik Desai and Chintan P

KissanAI, a Generative AI Agriculture startup, is an innovative multilingual, voice-based AI interface overcomes language and literacy barriers, ensuring 24/7 access to expert, climate-resilient farming advice for last-mile farmers in India and developing nations.

The final 10 Startups chosen will showcase their solutions in the AI Gamechangers event scheduled on December 14, 2023, during the Annual GPAI Summit. This will provide startups with an opportunity to present their innovations before a distinguished panel of jurors and exhibit their transformative ideas before a global audience from 26 GPAI member countries and the European Union, prominent Global AI Experts, and multilateral organizations.

This is part of the Government of India’s continuing support to tech entrepreneurs and startups by providing exposure, recognition, and guidance.

GPAI Summit 2023 AI Gamechangers