Absolutdata Joins Nielsen Connect Partner Network to Accelerate Digital Transformation

As a Silver Partner in the Industry’s Largest Open Ecosystem, Absolutdata Easily Integrates Nielsen Data Into Its Cutting-Edge, AI-Powered Solutions to Drive Retail/CPG Client Success

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AI-powered solutions, advanced analytics and data science services company Absolutdata has joined the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the largest open ecosystem of technology-driven solution providers for retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The partnership enables integration of Nielsen data into Absolutdata’s NAVIK AI-Enabled Intelligence Platform, starting with the ASK NAVIK module.

As a Silver Partner in the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, Absolutdata can build products that directly and quickly integrate Nielsen data, the gold standard in data for CPG retailers and manufacturers, into its solutions. The partnership supercharges Absolutdata’s cutting-edge ASK NAVIK, an AI-powered intelligent virtual assistant for business users that enables a user to have a single window for accessing all the information included in structured and unstructured data. A business user asks a question in plain English and ASK NAVIK searches all the dashboards, databases and text reports to provide instantaneous answers.

“We are excited to welcome Absolutdata to the Connect Partner Network, as we continue to grow the network with highly qualified partners to fuel a smarter market for the retail and consumer packaged goods industry,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Connect Partner Network, Nielsen. “Through the unmatched breadth of our collaborative ecosystem of trustworthy and innovative partners, our clients are uniquely positioned to solve their biggest problems and stay ahead of a rapidly changing consumer landscape.”

ASK NAVIK, which now integrates Nielsen data, doesn’t require any user training and intuitively understands industry terms. The intelligent assistant is personalized for each user based on roles, access privileges and preferences, and it works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, helping companies adjust to work-from-home protocols. It easily integrates with all major BI and visualization tools, databases and text reporting formats. ASK NAVIK can be up and running quickly, accelerating time to value, and as a Silver Partner with Nielsen, Absolutdata’s data ingestion process is streamlined.

“CPG retailers and manufacturers are at a crossroads now that the pandemic has overturned buying patterns and scrambled the economic outlook,” said Dr. Anil Kaul, CEO and Co-Founder at Absolutdata. “AI and machine learning can quickly turn data into action recommendations, helping clients navigate the uncertainty and gain an edge over competitors. As a Nielsen Silver Partner, we can deliver those recommendations more effectively and cost-efficiently, which helps our clients accelerate their digital transformation.”

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