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Reimagined Work Demands Redesigned Machines

Introducing new commercial devices built on collaboration and performance. Article by Rahul Tikoo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies

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The concept of Hybrid Work is unique to each of us. It means something different to everyone but with it comes an overwhelming sense of change and opportunity to redefine your relationship with work. How and where you do that is entirely up to you.

To help you embrace the dynamics of the hybrid world, we aren’t sticking to what’s worked in the past. We believe that technology shouldn’t be “one-size fits all” and so we are redesigning our devices with more power, intelligent features and improved security – while making them smaller and thinner to better fit today’s workforce. Whether you are a C-suite executive jumping from video calls to in-person meetings or a creative professional taking a project from inspiration to reality, building off our recent commercial announcement, Dell Technologies’ new Latitude and Precision devices are expertly designed with collaboration and performance in mind to power the way you work best.

Redesigned for a new age of collaboration

Some days the conference room is your kitchen table, others you’re heading to a client’s office to meet for the first time face-to-face in more than two years. Either way, on-the-go business leaders need devices that enhance productivity, are easy to carry and look great. The new Latitude 9330 answers this call (literally!) – packing key collaboration, connectivity and privacy features into a 2-in-1 form factor. It’s the first 13” device in the 9000 series[ii] and the thinnest of the Latitude portfolio[iii] with a 16:10 InfinityEdge display – delivering a perfectly sized option for you, the mobile worker.

But there’s more. Let’s face it, after two years full of video calls, we’re still struggling to come off mute, especially when we have multiple windows or tabs open. Video calls won’t be going away anytime soon, and easy access to conference call capabilities is key. To help you bring your best self to every call, the new Latitude 9330 is the world’s first laptop with a collaboration touchpad[iv] – offering quick access to microphone mute/unmute, video on/off, screen share and chat in Zoom meetings. With the collaboration touchpad, you have all these controls at your fingertips and once the meeting ends, the icons disappear (no longer enabled), and the full trackpad is restored. Plus, with our FHD camera with separate RGB and IR cameras, and neural-noise cancellation, you can be your best on every meeting.

Latitude 9330 collaboration touchpad

The Latitude 9330 continues to build off our commitment to use sustainable product materials in our products to help minimize environmental impact. The keyboard is made with a total of 44% recycled materials, and the keycaps alone are made from 75% recycled content.[v] The device is also outfitted with bio-based rubber feet (39%), and recycled ocean-bound plastic in the fan housing (28%). The Latitude 9330 also ships in our new premium packaging made from 100% recycled or renewable materials,[vi] which is also 100% recyclable.[vii]

Coupled with the newest features of Dell Optimizer, you can feel confident working from multiple locations on the Latitude 9330 while facing increasing privacy risks, combating interruptions and using unreliable Wi-Fi. The latest Intelligent Privacy features conceal information on your screen when an onlooker is detected and dims the screen when you look away – also saving battery. Coupled with our dual electromechanical SafeShutter, these features help keep you and your data safe. With the world’s first simultaneous multi-network connection,[viii] you can connect to two networks at once for faster data and video downloads, and it joins the best network available. The Latitude 9330 also delivers all the performance needed with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and the latest connectivity options, including Intel® Wi-Fi 6E[ix] and 4G LTE or 5G.[x] It’s a feature-packed device bringing collaboration to the forefront of your meaning of hybrid work.

Designed to enhance creativity with a focus on power 

For 25 years, the Precision line has pushed the industry to a higher standard of performance and user experience while consistently delivering innovative workstations and solutions that are an outstanding choice for professional applications and emerging technologies.

Last month, we introduced the Precision 5470, the most powerful 14” workstation in history, and the thinnest and smallest in the world.[xi] Now we’re bringing you even more power with the introduction of our new Precision 7000 series mobile workstations. With the latest thermal innovations, professional graphics, powerful CPU technologies (including some that haven’t been fully announced yet!) and new designs that provide more flexibility, our new Precision models pack a punch. These are the workstations of choice for those heavy-duty workloads – running VR/AR, AI/ML, complex 3D CAD, creative editing software and data science applications with ease!

Here’s what is new:

For the first time, Dell Precision mobile workstations are available in a 16″ form factor, giving you a world–class front-of-screen experience that doesn’t compromise on performance. Another first, the Precision 7670 comes in two chassis options – thin and performance – for a device that best powers your daily applications. The two chassis versions offer flexibility in scalability and configurability determined by your chosen graphics card – enabling you to customize the 7670 to your performance needs, including a variety of processor and graphics selections, as well as expansive memory, beautiful screen options (including a new OLED UHD+ screen with touch panel) and storage options.

Precision 7670

For those who need even more screen real estate, the new Precision 7770 is a powerful 17″ mobile workstation offering our highest scalability across the portfolio and providing desktop-like performance for professionals on the go. Both the Precision 7670 and 7770 will offer Intel’s most powerful CPUs – 12th Gen Intel® Core™ up to i9 processors (55W—coming soon!) with Intel vPro®– up to next gen 16GB NVIDIA RTX™ A5500 graphics and up to 128GB of DDR5 memory.[xii]

And speaking of memory, the new Precision models will be our first workstations to feature a new, Dell-patented form factor for DDR5 memory called CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module). Through CAMM, Dell is enabling a thinner chassis design without sacrificing performance—perfect for hybrid professionals. With repair a key component of our commitment to help reduce waste and extend the life of products and materials, the CAMM module also makes the memory more accessible for field repair. Initially launching with CAMM, the Precision 7000 series will also be available with traditional SODIMM options soon afterwards. Stay tuned for a more technical blog on this new memory module and our intent to drive standardization across the industry.

Protecting your ideas is paramount and the new Precision 7000 series mobile workstations introduce new security features to help keep your work from debuting before it’s ready. Both the Precision 7670 and 7770 feature security elements to help prevent device tampering and intrusion including chassis intrusion detection, battery removal detection, contact and contactless smart card readers, traditional and FIPS-certified fingerprint readers, and an IR camera for login security.

And that’s not all either: The Precision 7000 series are packed with features that help you work smarter; Dell Optimizer for Precision provides unique reporting and analytics features and is tailored to optimize application performance for media intensive applications. It also has the same privacy, connectivity and collaboration features, such as the screen dimming when you look away and the ability to connect to two networks at once. Precision mobile workstations also ship in our new packaging made from 100% recycled or renewable materials.[xiii]

Precision 7770

As the industry’s most secure commercial PCs,[xiv] the new Latitude and Precision devices employ both software-based, above the operating system (OS) protections, and hardware-based, below the OS capabilities, to defend against current and future threats.

Final thoughts

As we continue to reimagine how we work, we are committed to redesigning innovative devices and services to ensure you show up as your best self no matter where or how you are working that day.

Article by Rahul Tikoo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Client Solutions Group at Dell Technologies for SMEStreet.

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