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5 Startups with Innovative Sleeping Solutions in COVID Era

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The cases of Coronavirus have been increasing rapidly in the world due to the 2nd deadly wave of Covid-19, due to this, the government has imposed lockdown again in the nation. On the other side, people’s lifestyle has completely changed due to on-going crisis and they are facing difficulties in their daily routine again.    

Conducted by Royal Philips, the study titled Philips Global Sleep Survey 2021 found that since the start of the pandemic, Indian adults experienced new sleep challenges — about 37 percent experienced difficulty in falling asleep, 27 percent in staying asleep while 39 percent woke up during the night.

Today the productivity of the work has increased due to which people are facing a lot of troubles in their lives. From back pain to disturbed or less-than-normal sleep can have harmful effects on your metabolism. Generally, we ignore such problems in our life but these problems take a bigger cause in further. But thanks to all Startups who understand the importance of sleep and providing healthy sleep to the users through their natural mattress. Which made it pure Latex.

Here is the list of startups that provides you healthy sleep:

Mornnig Owl:

Morning Owl, which offers premium yet affordable Certified Natural products backed by a strong supply chain to deliver these products directly from our factory to the customer’s doorstep at a click of their button, so that they can wake up to a beautiful morning. Their supply chain enables them to deliver straight from the forests Of Kerala to your bedroom. 100% Pure Latex Mattress & Pillows and offer chemical-free and completely safe mattresses and pillows. It’s a DC2 brand and they also are available on Amazon. Morning Owl founded in 2019. At Morning Owl, they deliver healthy sleep!


Sleeping comes naturally, but deciding which mattress to sleep on? Not so much. Now, that’s where Sleepyhead comes in. By creating a mattress that’s perfect for 90% of sleepers, they’ve saved folks sleepless nights of research and decision-making. they’ve also made Sleepyhead mattresses especially easy to try by saving you a ton of money and time when it comes to searching to buy the best mattress online! 


They help you take the guesswork out of buying a mattress. That’s why they craft 3 mattress models only, all beautifully designed and priced just right. Because you don’t need 50 different choices. And you don’t need to break a bank in Mumbai to buy a supremely comfortable mattress. They’ve worked with India’s top sleep researchers to design the mattress of your dreams.


SleepyCat believes in making your life easier. They deliver luxury mattresses, at a fraction of the usual cost, delivered straight from our factory to your doorstep for free, anywhere across India, in a convenient box! Their mission is to provide you with the best sleep experience! A simplified and curated range of premium sleep products, freshly manufactured, and delivered to your doorstep at factory prices! Our brand is built to offer you a personalized shopping experience. They are driven by constant innovation and the need to enhance the way India sleeps. It is our goal to be your ideal sleep partner!” 


DREAMZEE  is a profound manufacturer and supplier of Mattress Products. Their product range includes Natural Latex Mattresses, Spring Mattresses, Foam Mattresses and Mattress Accessories. Provided range is known for their magnificent comfort, high quality flawless finish and competitive prices. Their mattress offers a nice soft feel with firm support and undisturbed sleep. They design these mattress using superior quality raw material and sophisticated technology as per the set industry standards and norms. They provide easy payment modes, prompt delivery and competitive price which keep us moving ahead in this era of stiff market competition.

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