3i Infotech Launches Malaysia's First-Ever Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud

The Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud platform will have data and operational sovereignty built into it, providing compliance to businesses that aim to retain data within the country's borders.

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Thompson P. Gnanam, 3i Infotech

3i Infotech (BSE532628NSE3IINFOLTD), a global Information Technology company, has today announced the launch of NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, a first-ever Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud in Malaysia, which is slated to be a gamechanger in the way SMBs and enterprises embrace transformation. The Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud platform will have data and operational sovereignty built into it, providing compliance to businesses that aim to retain data within the country's borders. As a managed services provider, NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, will offer customers a full stack of cloud services across IaaS and PaaS, supporting cloud-native applications, as well as mission-critical applications and performance-intensive (HPC, GPU) workloads.

NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, meet demanding data residency in Malaysia, security, and latency requirements. It offers industry-leading price performance with significantly reduced operational costs while enabling customers with sovereignty requirements to run their workloads. It is also powered by NuRe Edge, a superior security design to offer zero-trust security for every user coming into the sovereign cloud. It has all the services needed to migrate, build, and run IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud-native applications and data platforms. Built on a futuristic approach, the NuRe 3i+ Innovation Lab, will deliver a range of innovative solutions including advanced analytics, security services, integrations and extensions and a full range of app and DevOps services.

With NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, verticals like Banking, Financial & Insurance services (BFSI), public and government sectors, healthcare, media, and entertainment can seamlessly migrate to it. NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, a Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud is complemented by the NuRe suite of solutions, which include NuRe Desk, NuRe Velocity & NuRe Campuslabs.  These growth initiatives headed by Sax Krishna, Chief Growth Officer at 3i Infotech, also comprise of the company’s Managed Cloud Service (MCS) offering which will include CloudOps, DevSecOps and FinOps, resulting in 60-70% process savings, 30%-40% cost savings and 100% compliant proactive security for customers. It will offer lower, predictable, and globally consistent pricing to optimize the way data moves in the modern enterprise and support hybrid architectures to migrate enterprise apps. The platform will also help deploy native cloud-native workloads, by empowering modern application development using technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, SDKs & APIs.

Speaking on this milestone launch, Thompson P Gnanam, Managing Director & Global CEO of 3i Infotech, said, “We have a longstanding relationship with Malaysia, which date back to two decades. It is one of the most important markets for us in the ASEAN region and one where we want to grow further. And, with NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud, enterprises in Malaysia can now realize their cross-border trade and business goals. Businesses can now leverage an enterprise-grade cloud converged infrastructure that will bring business-critical workloads on the NexGen Oracle cloud platform with better ROI in the shortest possible time. We look to achieve at least 40% lower TCO than on-premises and competing clouds due to superior performance backed by SLAs, automated migration and lifecycle management and enhanced availability, security, and control.”

In the wake of the NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud launch, Malaysia, and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) can further open newer opportunities to work, business and trade beyond geographical borders while staying true to data integrity and operational regulations of their country. This will create more local jobs, and business opportunities for enterprises and SMBs alike. It will create a roadmap for more 3i Infotech NuRe Parks to tap and train local talent on emerging technologies. 3i NuRe Parks in Malaysia will train and employ local talent for deployment across geo-borders, while remaining compliant with data and operational sovereignty, empowered by of NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, a Zero Trust Sovereign Cloud.

Reflecting on the launch of two Digital embedded business offerings – NuRe Velocity and NuRe Campus labs, Sax Krishna, Chief Growth Officer, 3i-Infotech Limited, said “True Digital Transformation is synonymous with Cloud Adoption. SMB’s need access to business solutions that can accelerate their revenue, help enhance customer lifetime value and increase operational efficiencies. The launch of NuRe Velocity on NuRe 3i+ powered by Oracle, is designed for SMB’s and Enterprises to access AI & ML based digital solutions on a pay-as-you -go model. Similarly, NuRe Campuslabs, the best-in-class ERP for education solution, to unify and manage operations seamlessly in multi-user and multi-location campuses for private and public higher education institutions.”

Speaking on launch and the paradigm shift it is likely to create within the industry, Nilesh Gupta, Chief Cloud Officer, 3i Infotech Limited, said, "This launch will truly open a world of opportunities for both nations. The rapid growth of cloud adoption over the past two years has seen it become ubiquitous. Enterprises have increasingly become reliant, while countries like Malaysia being at the forefront of data privacy and security compliance – with the use of our Zero trust sovereign cloud we cover data, technical and operation sovereignty with this launch. I strongly believe digital infrastructures and ecosystems cannot exist in silos and need to flourish through next-generation cloud-native integration, and this initiative is a step in that direction.”

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