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Digital Triumph: India’s Mid-Market Mavericks and SGN Software’s Pioneering Journey with SAP

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India, a land known for its rich heritage, is not merely a country but a vibrant phenomenon. In a wave of technological innovation, it has embarked on a digital revolution that heralds a new era of growth and global prominence. The world is witnessing the unfolding of a new chapter in India’s story.

An incredible 9500 mid-market companies have embarked on this journey towards digital transformation. The success of these companies is a glowing testament, with SAP recording extraordinary triple-digit growth quarter on quarter.  

As industries across India continue to embrace digital transformation, the strategic alignment of SAP with local needs is expected to pave the way for innovation and efficiency. By taking on this leading role, SAP will not only foster technological growth within the group but also contribute significantly to the broader tech landscape of the nation. The collaboration promises a synergy that could revolutionize the way technology is leveraged in India, making SAP a key player in the coming years.

SGN Software is playing a vital part in this transformation. With a team of over 200 dedicated individuals, SGN Software has successfully carried out more than 100 implementation and support projects, further underlining the collective effort driving India’s technological renaissance

The Vanguard of Transformation: SGN Software

SGN Software is not just a participant in this revolution; they are leading it. Their reach spans diverse sectors such as Renewable Energy, Automotive, Cement, Power, Steel, and more. They are not confined to specific fields; they demonstrate brilliance across various industrial landscapes.

Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited success represents a monumental achievement in the Natural Gas and Fertilizer space, boasting an impressive turnover of 30,000 CR. This remarkable collaboration with SGN Software Private Limited is not merely a business venture, but a testament to SGN’s strategic insight and execution prowess. The partnership has set new industry standards, reflecting a shared vision for innovation and growth. 

Simultaneously, R K Hoteliers & Developers Pvt Ltd is trailblazing technology in leading name in Railways catering  & hospitality segment. Their commitment to disruptive innovation is more than a slogan; it’s an operational principle that drives every aspect of their work. Together, these achievements highlight a new era of collaboration and technological advancement, where traditional boundaries are being pushed, and new horizons are continually explored.

SGN Software Private Limited is assisting organizations such as Baidyanath Group, Linc Pen, Renew power, Gls Poly films, M3M to name few customers. 

SGN Software’s captivating blend of client-focused philosophy, keen tech insight, and strong leadership has carved a unique niche for them in the industry. Tailored pricing and successful implementations underline their steadfast dedication to client success.

The Minds behind the Success

Harsh Khandelwal: Harsh holds Bachelors in Computer Engineering from Drexel University, USA. With over 20 years of experience in Technology Transformation, Enterprise Software, and Analytics, he has become an accomplished professional. Before joining SGN, Harsh spent 10+ years in U.S. consulting firms and is a certified SAP BASIS and VMware professional. He has also been an experienced leader with 10+ years of global expertise.

Harsh leads SGN’s India business, overseeing 200+ SAP ERP/Ariba/Analytics specialists working across industries like Metals, Mining, Cement, Consumer Products, and more, with offices in Delhi, Kolkata and Middle-east.

Why are we the right fit?

At SGN Software Private Limited, we recognize that technology is more than just a tool; it’s a life-long relationship that continually evolves to meet the dynamic needs of business. With over 100+ successful implementations across various sectors, our expertise goes beyond mere development. We work closely with businesses to enhance cost-effectiveness, streamline processes, and identify unique solutions that add genuine value. What sets us apart is our adaptability, an approach that goes beyond the conventional, enabling us to tailor our services to each client’s unique requirements. While others may offer rigid solutions, we provide flexibility and innovation, ensuring that our technological solutions align seamlessly with business goals.

Broader Implications

SGN Software’s story is emblematic of India’s broader narrative, reflecting the nation’s digital transformation and shaping the future of the Small and Medium Enterprise sector. It’s more than a business case; it’s a stirring testament to human creativity and the never-ending quest for a brighter tomorrow.

India’s story and SGN Software’s role in it inspire not just a nation but the entire world. Their journey is a beacon for others to follow, a shining example of what can be achieved through ingenuity, commitment, and vision. In their success, we find the echo of India’s digital triumph, a promise of endless possibilities, and a future filled with hope and brilliance.


India’s digital transformation, epitomized by its mid-market mavericks, is a symbol of a nation reborn in the age of technology. SGN Software’s pioneering journey with SAP is a microcosm of this larger transformation. Together, they symbolize the limitless potential of human endeavor and the transformative power of technology. It’s a tale of triumph that speaks to us all, urging us to dream bigger, reach higher, and strive with unwavering resolve to create a world filled with innovation, growth, and boundless opportunities.




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