Trident Share vs Raymond Shares: Textiles Investment Comparison

The textile industry is very promising for investment since it will help to get profit from growing companies with a lot of experience and a wide product portfolio. Stock Market

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Stock market Investment

Stock market Investment

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The textile industry is very promising for investment since it will help to get profit from growing companies with a lot of experience and a wide product portfolio. Major companies in this sector are Trident Limited and Raymond Limited. Learning about these companies’ strengths and what kind of business they are in can assist investors. Let’s begin with a comparison of the Trident with that of Raymond.

Trident Limited: 

This organization is Trident Limited which is situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, and came into the textile market after its incorporation in the year 1990. It is Trident Limited, which earlier was known as Abhishek Industries Limited and was altered to Trident Limited in 2011. Trident is a group company and is a part of Trident Group which is a three billion USD turning over company and has diversified into Textile, Paper, Chemicals and Energy sectors. 

Trident’s textile division remains the most central of all its operations; it entails yarns, towels, bed sheets, and dyed yarns production. This strong functionality is supported by its advanced manufacturing facilities located at Barnala in Punjab and Budni in Madhya Pradesh. Currently, the Trident share price is approx. 38/-. 

Raymond Limited: 

Raymond Limited more commonly known as Raymond Woollen Mill was founded in 1925 and is the largest worsted fabric manufacturing unit in the world. Gradually and over time, Raymond has evolved into a group company that has involvement in spheres such as textiles, branded garments, engineering, and aviation.

Lifestyle Textiles is another division of Raymond, with multi-ledgers across the country and multi-brand outlets touching 4000 and 400+ hallmark stores. The suiting fabric in this company is sold in 400 odd towns covering the whole of India, and the fabrics are exported to more than 55 countries. 

Investment Comparison: Trident vs. Raymond

When comparing Trident and Raymond shares from an investment point of view, one must consider the business and its grounding in the market.

Trident Limited: It has operations in the textile, paper, chemical, and energy sectors, and thus the price movement of Trident is affected. Sustainability, besides bringing social responsibility to the business, creates a futuristic aspect to the company’s operations with a focus on alternative energy. Trident’s diversification strategy can be seen in its launch of the new product Tri-Safe, a detergent powder in the FMCG sector, which reveals its flexibility and diversification strategy.

Raymond Share Price: It has a positive outlook because of the company’s experience in the textile business and its wide distribution channel. Raymond's practice of strategic diversification enables it to spread it over the engineering and aviation sectors, establishing its strong business model. Raymond share price is around 2245/-. 


In conclusion, investment in Trident and Raymond is equally attractive for an investor within the context of the textile industry. Trident’s focus on variety and sustainability is a new approach, whereas Raymond has tradition, a vast distribution, and various types of business activity for growth. Portion for analysis made by H. Park is also applicable to Trident and Raymond share selection if investors have a higher risk tolerance level for investing in Trident than for investing in Raymond by their investment goals.

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