The History of Sports Betting in Asia

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As always said, Asia people are happy people, and it has always been of the top places for betting. The Asian market is rich with different kinds of betting games available on There you can opt for online betting for football, lotteries etc. Here we will tell you about the history of betting in Asia and the protected sites for sports betting.

History of betting in Asia

The history of betting goes back to the ancient period when people used to bet like a normal phenomenon in life. The prove that betting was present on the and of Asia since the starting of humanity is present as the mentions of betting on the several folklores and legends. But as the time passed by the betting stayed on the locals. Previously the people used to bet on the traditional bullfights, cockfights etc. during the festivals and occasions. Later the government ordered gambling as illegal on " Gambling Act 1935", but after some time it started again when China introduced lottery on the market. Then the government also legalised the horse race betting. But despite the strict laws, casinos are widespread in Thailand and other regions with local citizen's support to them. To describe the popularity, people compare Macau, a place at China as if it has surpassed Las Vegas in betting.

The right side of sport's betting in Asia region- where to bet on sports in Thailand region?

Not only betting illegal in Thailand, but also it is strictly forbidden. People can only bet on the lotteries and horse races. But due to the popularity of gambling among the citizens, there are different sites present on the internet which let people enjoy the fun of betting online. People from Asia and another region can bet on the football, lottery and other games on those sites. But among those, the website is one of the best with the advanced features. The site has grown to be one of the best betting websites in the last 5 to 6 years. The main reason for the popularity is the advanced features of the site for online betting. E.g. having a membership is just a phone call away, and as you call the customer care team, you get a membership within 15 minutes. And next, you know you are ready to bet on the next open couple available on our site.


As you have gone through the above points, we hope you got a clear idea of the history of betting in Asia and the legal sites of sports betting in the Asia region. Thank you for visiting us. We hope you enjoy your betting on SBObet website and mobile app joyful.

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