Gold Tennis Rocket

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Winners of tennis competitions usually receive all kinds of trophies. Punters can find the best tennis odds 1xBet, which also allow punters to wager on different kinds of tournaments. The trophies that are taken by the winners can take different shapes, such as:

  • vases;
  • plates;
  • crowns;
  • and trays.

However, between 1982 and 1998 there was another competition that gave a completely different trophy. Yet, it was not enough to win the competition to claim it. Some other conditions needed to be fulfilled. The tennis betting odds from 1xBet are quite convenient, and they can be used to make profitable wagers on different competitions of this sport.

Gold Tennis Racket

Meet the ECC Antwerp tournament

The competition that gave this trophy was ECC Antwerp, which was played in Belgium. It had a very special present for those who managed to win the competition at least three times in a period of five years. You can visit tennis betting sites in India – 1xBet is the perfect place if you think you know who will win a specific tennis tournament.

Those who made this achievement would get a beautiful gold racquet. Its weight was equal to 13.2 pounds, which is approximately 6 kilograms. It also had more than 1,400 diamonds. In total, the trophy itself was a piece of artwork that was worth more than a million dollars. The 1xBet India website are great betting sites in which bettors can make their wagers in lots of different tennis tournaments which give all kinds of trophies.

Did anybody claim the gold racquet?

There is only one player who won the gold racquet. In 1985, the legendary Ivan Lendl won the ECC Antwerp competition for the third time in four years. This automatically made him the winner of the standard trophy of the tournament plus this incredible piece of jewelry. It is also possible to make online betting horse racing check link, which can be as rewarding as tennis bets.

Yet, Lendl didn’t stop there. In 1991, he was ready to claim a second gold racquet. This is even more amazing considering that no other player had claimed the trophy up to that point. Unfortunately for him, Boris Becker had other ideas. He defeated Lendl in the semi-finals of the 1991 tournament. This ended his dream of claiming the trophy for a second time.

John McEnroe could have also won the racquet. He reached a total of four finals in a period of six years. However, he was defeated in one of them by Lendl himself. You can check the 1xBet link now to make online horse racing betting, which can be a great activity to do alongside tennis wagers.




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