Baccarat: Why It Is That Popular in Southeast Asia

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Baccarat is the most prevalent card game in Southeast Asia and some parts of the world. The game originates from Europe, specifically from the gambling den of France and Italy. Traditionally, this game is played by the social elite and the royal families. Nowadays, this game is glamorous in Southeast Asian countries like China, Singapore, Macau, etc. In Macau alone, casinos have an astonishing income of $29 billion because of Baccarat. For the past 20 years, Asians made Baccarat their game of choice, and it is reflected in the figures available. So, it is worth knowing what makes this game dominant in the region.

Why Asians are Addicted to Baccarat

Asians are considered to be addicted to the Baccarat game. Because of this, Asia is regarded as a decent candidate for the king and queen of gambling. Asian players that are rich spend millions and earn billions of money behind the table of Baccarat.

Because of the Odds

Players of this game state the house edge of this game is significantly lower than other table games. Playing Baccarat, you have a house edge at 1.06 bets of the dealer to 1.24% player bets. You can avoid the tie or the sucker bets with 14.36% house edge. This game does not require specific technical skills, so it is not complicated to play. Considering the long list of stories of players, you will know that most of them lost almost and won as much. 

More Money

The fast pace of the Baccarat is what the Asians need. They can boost their bankroll at a rapid speed. So, the fast pace of this game is a benefit. They don’t want to keep waiting for other players nor waste their time dealing with dealers. From the players’ perspectives, Baccarat is excellent. 

Appeal to Asian Peculiarities

Looking back at the history, the culture of gambling started from the Middle Age and developed more during the end of the century. James Bond made such an influence on the popularization of gambling. On the other hand, Asians, in general, don’t need an actor to influence them. Gambling is deeply rooted in the history of the people. For example, the Chinese built The Great Wall out of the State Lottery. For Asians, gambling became a fate of wealth distribution to people. Most of the Asians believe in fate, contrary to what the westerns adhere. They believe more about having control over what they do. Asians test their luck by playing in the casinos. 

Pitfalls of Playing Baccarat in Asia

One big pitfall of playing Baccarat in Asia is the risk of playing it. Baccarat game has the lowest percentage hold in the casino. It has an average house benefit of 1.2% on the banker and player bet. The house gets a more extensive edge on the 3rd bet while the Tie has more than 14%. It is the reason why many players stick to the banker or the player. It is estimated that the risk of playing casino is about 100 times the average bet. In a simple calculation, every $5000 bet of a player has a chance of walking away from half a million if lost, which is even higher than other games.

Some casinos in Southeast Asia accepts a high bet to as much as $555000 in a single bet. The house has the chance to win or lost in just an hour. Baccarat game can get its players easily hang on because it is designed to keep them playing. 

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Dare to Play Baccarat in Asia? Here’s Where You Can Do It!   

If you dare to play Baccarat, you have to learn the basic rules and apply some tips to get the best score. This game is simple. It contains simple rules. The players need to make a decision on where to bet. It is either on the banker or the player. Afterward, the player sits back and relaxes and lets the dealer handles the rest. Remember some tips, such as the following:

Play the banker bets. Doing this will give you a 54.843% chance of winning. 

Do not rush. Think about your next move. For example, the banker bet to lose. Then, do not rush betting on the banker again. If the player wins, bet at the place of the player. 


Bet on the player until it gets lost. Similar to the banker bet, bet on the player as long as it keeps winning. When it loses, bet on the other side. 


Do not pay attention to the tie bets. Although the offer is 8:1 payout, the odds of winning are 10.5 to 1. So avoid playing on tie bets. 


Manage Bankroll. Since Baccarat is not a game of skill but a game of chance, set your bankroll. Just sick to it. Always set your limits for winning and, most notably, for losing. 


Avoid Mini Baccarat. This is a fast version of the game, but the minimum bets are lower than the regular bet amount. 

If you are interested in playing Baccarat in an online casino, you can play at G-club, SCR888 and many other online casinos. You can also play Baccarat in many places in Asia, such as Macau, Singapore, Laos, and many more. Macau is the gambling haven in China’s Shadow, while Singapore is the gambling gem in the tropical paradise. The Philippines is a thriving competitor, while Malaysia is a casino hidden in the mountain. Some famous casinos are The Venetian, MGM, Parisian Macau, Resorts World Manila, Grand Lisboa, and many others. 

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