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On National Technology Day SMEStreet League Of Mentors Welcomes Mr. Manoj Chugh & Mr. Anil K Jain

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Technology has a diverse relevance in today’s business. MSMEs, SMEs or Startups representing almost any industry sector can build their cutting edge business strategy anchored around technology.

On this National Technology Day, SMEStreet is excited to expand the SMEStreet League of Mentors with two distinguished personalities who have spent over 4 decades respectively in various important areas of technology and have witnessed a complete digital transformation journey of India.

ANIL KUMAR JAIN, SMESTREET, SMESTREET LEAGUE OF MENTORS“We are very happy and excited to welcome Mr. Manoj Chugh -a well-known name of the Indian IT industry and Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, CEO of NIXI to SMEStreet League of Mentors. Both the gentlemen collectively represent the great experience of digital transformation in India.  Their enthusiasm for MSMEs/SMEs is commendable even after working for so long in some of the world’s top technology, ICT and telecom companies. I hope and wish that MSMEs will get great mileage from their knowledge,” says Faiz Askari, Founder of and Secretary-General of SMEStreet Foundation while welcoming the two mentors into the league.



“Today is a special day for technology and technologists – The National Technology Day. This day is a great opportunity for recognizing the potential and contribution of Technology in our lives. The extension of SMEStreet League of Mentors is a great occasion for us especially from the aspect of bringing technology-related expertise closer and more approachable for MSMEs/SMEs,” says Mr. Manoj Chugh.

SMEStreet League of Mentors

SMEStreet League of Mentors is an initiative started in 2020 by SMEStreet Foundation to help and make subject matter expertise approachable to MSMEs. The main aim of this initiative is to empower the MSMEs with best in class expertise on specific subject areas for business.


SMEStreet Edit Desk

SMEStreet Edit Desk is a small group of excited and motivated journalists and editors who are committed to building MSME ecosystem through valuable information and knowledge spread.

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