SMEStreet League of Mentors

These days, MSMEs are in great need of knowledge and upskilling for the sake of achieving growth. Yes, growth in the tough economic conditions. Well, this is very much possible, considering the fact that MSMEs are in the centre stage of economic recovery. Policymakers are making significant efforts in getting the right form of policies for MSMEs in order to bring them out of the challenging times from COVID-19. The potential of MSME entrepreneurs is acknowledged by the policymakers as well as the country’s able leadership.

About SMEStreet League of Mentors

SMEStreet League of Mentors is an initiative designed to bring much-needed expertise closer to MSMEs which is needed for their business growth. Mentors at SMEStreet League of Mentors will not only motivation to the entrepreneur but also bring clarity in business vision. We at SMEtreet have spent years in interacting and understanding the common and specific pain points of MSMEs. One of the most common pain that almost every startup and an MSME entrepreneur faces is the limitation of seeking the best possible guidance. Limited knowledge and filtered information make business life difficult, so in order to make the entrepreneur’s life easier and smart and in other words, in our bid to contribute in the direction of ease of doing business, we would like to bring you closer to SMEStreet’s League of Mentors. 

Here are some more silent features of this league of mentors:

  • The SMEStreet league of mentors consists of those who can to show the best way forward for getting the much-needed business growth.
  • This League of Mentors is a group of qualified Subject Matter Experts who have accomplished success in their professional life and now, there experience and knowledge are ready to get leveraged.
  • Most importantly, this league of mentors is a bouquet of such knowledge-driven experts who possess a selfless attitude towards adding value in the lives of MSME entrepreneurs. 

Key Expertise

  • MSME Schemes, MSME Loans, MSME Specific Govt Schemes, Understanding PSUs’ Opportunities 
  • Finance: Banking, CA, Financial Management, Venture Capital
  • Technology:  Automation, ICT, Mobility, Business Processes Automation
  • Marketing: Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Targeted Marketing, Customer Community Formation
  • HR: Hirings, Compliances, HR Processes, Employee Motivation 
  • Legal:  Compliance, Legal representation, Documentation
  • IPR 
  • Startups: Fund Raising- Evaluation
  • Logistics: Custom made consultancy
  • Manufacturing: Smart Manufacturing, Packaging, Best practices
  • Exports & Imports: Prospects, Processes




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