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High Salary No Longer Prime Factor For Job Search: Naukri Survey

The ‘Jobseekers’ Preferences’ survey was conducted as a building block for the brand’s recently launched brand campaign, #MyKindaNaukri which highlights these preferences and how jobseekers can find the right match with

Sharing is caring! conducts research with over 5000 working professionals that unmasks the changing perceptions, motivations, and need-gaps of today’s job seekers, India’s largest job platform recently launched findings of its latest research on top factors and considerations that jobseekers have in mind when it comes to job search. The findings unveil that the top 3 factors that employees value the most with their job preferences are Impact of work, Work Culture, and Job Location; where ‘Impact of Work’ was voted high by around 66% of respondents followed by Work Culture (64%), and Job Location (62%). It is interesting to note the long list of reasons which points to a larger shift in jobseekers’ mindset where they are no longer fixated on the take-home amount and have started to look beyond monetary payouts to realize other factors that serve them the best.

Interestingly, a further deep dive into these job preferences suggests that males and females have seemingly different preferences. While Job Location (62%) came up as the 2nd most voted factor after quality & impact of work (66%) by female employees, males voted for ‘Work Culture (65%)’ as more important than the job location.

Commenting on the survey, Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer, said, “Employees today value progressive factors like Quality & Impact of work, Flexibility and Work Culture as they have moved beyond monetary motivations that previously dictated their switching behavior. Based on these findings, we at are consistently working towards matching jobseekers, across cohorts and need gaps, with jobs that fit them. With product features like ‘Search filters’, ‘Advanced search tools’, ‘Remote job filter’, and ‘Reviews and ratings’, the endeavor is to help them make better and more informed choices when it comes to finding the right role at the right company.”

The ‘Jobseekers’ Preferences’ survey was conducted as a building block for the brand’s recently launched brand campaign, #MyKindaNaukri that highlights these preferences and how jobseekers can find the right match with Apart from identifying the top reasons, the survey’s objective was also to deep-dive into each of these critical motivations. Some of the other interesting insights observed have been shared below.

Quality & Impact of work is the top factor valued by employees; both males & females

Diving deep into what jobseekers equate with impactful work, 28% of respondents mentioned ‘Recognition at work’ as the top factor. For women, getting ‘Equal Opportunities at work’ (31%) followed by ‘Recognition at work’ (24%) whereas for men, ‘Importance of their role in the business’ (19%) was the second most relevant factor.

Here’s a quick snapshot of other factors and how employees rate them.


Work culture is what matters to them  

Work culture, which was the second most important factor highlighted by employees, had some interesting findings. The pandemic has played a major role as employees reimagine their office and work life giving more importance to factors such as work-life balance (64%) and feeling valued at work (38%).

Take a look at the other factors that make a company’s work culture fit with their requirements.


‘Less travel time’ is the top priority for jobseekers 

The survey conducted by also revealed that ‘Job Location’ is the third most important factor for jobseekers. Out of all the reasons that make job location an important consideration for jobseekers, ‘less travel time’ came up as the No. 1 factor (36%), followed by 32% of respondents who prefer finding a job in their hometown.


It is important to note that job location came out as the second most important factor for female employees while choosing a job. Over 41% of them felt that ‘less travel time’ is essential.

The leader brand also confirmed that a detailed report on the study will be released soon to highlight other relevant cuts.

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