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The Exclusivity of Digital Business Card Solution for New Tech Era

An article by Ajay Sharma, Founder of SAILAX & Digital Business cards describes the potential and utility of digital business cards

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Article by Ajay Sharma, Founder of SAILAX & Digital Business Cards

In these times of galloping technology, everyone has a role to play, everyone is moving forward, and this raft of changes that humans experience due to technology has increased manifold in the past one year due to the pandemic.

Technology is the future and bringing this future to the present are Digital Business Cards by Sailax. DBC is a revolution in the technology block that has changed the way entrepreneurs do business. It is providing a head start to them in this competitive tech savvy world.

A collaboration of technology and sustainable growth

As much as these changes brought comfort to our lives, technology has been the scourge of the climate crisis, and a big chunk of that credit goes to corporate. 

But there have been sustainable solutions that have veered hopes of world leaders back on track. Digital Business Cards is one such solution. DBC has started changing the world’s cognitive lens when it comes to technology by proving that technology and sustainable development can be dovetailed to reduce the carbon footprint.

DBC – the future solution for entrepreneurs

It was arduous to keep a record of everything on paper and not to forget, the same paper being obliterated for business cards that were hardly looked at after a week. Today’s business community feeds on networking and Digital Business Cards ameliorate this aspect for the businessmen (or soon to be businessmen). 

It also abates the amount of time and money invested in designing, printing, deploying, storing and managing a business card.

Giving products a fair chance to showcase their merits, technology like this changes the world of business.

The New Tech era

“There is nothing permanent except change” – Heraclitus

The days of ignorance for the climate are gone, days when the environment was supposed to play a second fiddle to the growing technology. This paperless Interactive business card makes room for one to avoid the appalling paper pollution industry and connect to today’s Instant Gratification Society faster. 

DBC strives to be a one-stop shop for all things related to business cards and Sailax aims to establish itself as a global sustainable company with cost-effective solutions.

Today it’s the world where the neon’s of technology can be painted with greens of the environment giving way to an art that will remain for the coming generations to see because solutions like Digital Business Cards are saving the future.

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