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Becoming Future-Ready Business With Digital Transformation: Rajasthan Barytes’ Study on Implementing SAP

In our article, we wish to emphasise RBL's visionary decision-making towards implementing the best possible technologies to ensure resilience in their business processes. 

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Digital transformation is a crucial process for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can be a significant step towards achieving digital transformation objectives. In this report, we are delighted to showcase a smart case study of a smart vision towards building a long-term, future-ready business. 

Udaipur-based Rajasthan Barytes Ltd. is a leading producer of industrial minerals, mainly fillers derived from Barytes, Calcium Carbonate, Dolomite, Feldspar, Marble, Silica and Soapstone. Making the most of its unique mining assets and state of art grinding facilities, RBL has made its presence felt in various industries through sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation Rajasthan Barytes is committed to excellence in everything it seeks to do.

However, in our article, we wish to emphasise RBL’s visionary decision-making towards implementing the best possible technologies to ensure resilience in their business processes. 

Recently, Faiz Askari, Founder Editor of SMEStreet got the good fortune of meeting Abhishek Singhvi, Managing Director, of Rajasthan Barytes Limited and the interaction was aimed to understand RBL’s tech or digital vision to meet the goal of sustainable growth for the company. 

Commenting on the business environment at RBL, Abhishek said, “We are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by addressing ever-challenging market requirements. Our emphasis on R&D plays a crucial role in helping us overcome these challenges continuously. We continuously strive to convert raw materials into value-added products. This gives us a competitive edge and allows us to offer innovative solutions to our customers. We innovate and improve constantly and our customers benefit from our future-ready R&D culture.” 

Acknowledging the importance of cutting-edge technologies to run and manage business operations, he said, “Since we are focused on bringing best-in-class solutions for our customers we also understood, that the market is rapidly evolving and to meet the pace of the market it is technology that can help our kind of company which is committed to grow and deliver the best.” 

Cloud technology is revolutionizing ERP. Midsized companies today are looking for a reliable technology platform that’ll help them scale. Considering the aspect of RBL’s requirements and need, Abhishek also added, “We are growing in terms of customers and their requirement so our business engagement was increasing and to meet these requirements, we felt a need to implement a robust globally acclaimed solution which can ensure the resilience for our business and also should be convincing enough.”  

RBL’s SAP Journey

RBL has decided to implement the SAP  S/4 HANA Public Cloud solution. Commenting at the launch of GROW with SAP, Abhishek stated, “As a growth-oriented organization, we seek to streamline business processes, including handling complex data environments, financial reporting, production, and inventory planning. SAP’s S/4 HANA Public Cloud, with built-in best industry practices, provided us with a single integrated platform that enables organization-wide visibility for both our internal and external stakeholders, transforming us into an intelligent, sustainable tech-led enterprise.” 

However, before implementing SAP, RBL faced a major ransomware attack which caused them a major roadblock in the business operations. However, after successfully dealing with the attack, Abhishek was clear in his mind that to remain focused on business growth, his organisation must implement solutions which come with a proven track record. “Well, on such background, we came across SAP and realised that this is the best match for us.”

When asked about the pre-implementation perceptions regarding SAP versus realities, Abhishek made a very clear statement, “Well, honestly speaking there were two major misconceptions regarding SAP, firstly it was wrongly considered to be costly and secondly it was often considered that it comes with complex tech architecture and takes much time in implementation. Well, both these perceptions proved to be wrong when we implemented SAP’s solution. The solution was very affordable and got implemented smoothly into our system. It took less than 45 days to implement this solution.”

Kulmeet Bawa, President and Managing Director, of SAP Indian Subcontinent stated, “With 80% of SAP’s customers in India coming from midsize organizations, we have a long history of understanding their requirements. GROW with SAP is our commitment to deliver an offering tailored for this market segment, empowering them with agility and predictability, to help drive business results.”

Well, in this RBL study, we can clearly say that a smart vision for the organization’s growth comes from smart leaders and Mr Abhisheh Singhvi of Rajasthan Barytes Ltd proved himself to be the one. Well, the company is not only exponentially growing in India but also aggressively looking to expand globally as well.


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