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Tips to Identify the Right Business Management Software For Organisation’s Productivity and Efficiency

Here is an article by Mukesh Khanna, Head – Strategy & Key Initiatives, Tally Solutions, in which he explained a structured parameter for any business who is considering to achieve business efficiency.

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The world of business is an ever-evolving one. And irrespective of the size, businesses leaders need to constantly focus on building and strengthening their core. This means they should spend more time and resources on the important growth pillars and not on repetitive tasks. Automating the key business processes like accounting, inventory and compliance will assist entrepreneurs get insights and reports that will enrich them with critical information to take informed decisions for business growth. A comprehensive business management software can enhance business efficiency significantly, however, selecting the right software is extremely important to reap the benefits that digitisation can offer. 

Aspects to consider while selecting a business management software

  • The stage / phase that the business is in – Every business goes through multiple phases and at every stage the requirement is different. Early stage businesses require flexibility in order to accommodate the variety of situations, customers and possibilities that they come across. In such stage, the business management software needs to be one that can accommodate the agility in the ‘ways of doing things’. The software should be such that it maintains the consistency and sanctity of data, meaning no matter in which order the data is entered, the final reports generated are always consistent and provide the right information. Moreover, flexibility of the software is also essential in growing work environments since at different points in time, different decisions are based on people rather than processes. Whereas, when it comes to large and matured businesses, a business management software is implemented to avoid intentional and unintentional deviations and errors, where the software can support process-based working rather than people-based working. In such cases the business management software needs to ensure these processes function seamlessly. More than agility, speed, scale and business continuity would be the focus and business management software should be one that addresses these requirements.
  • Design of the software– For any software to be useful it needs to be aligned with the user profile, aspects like simplicity and reliability become critical. Above all it should be one that can be operated by the user with least support. Large businesses may have the luxury of dedicated IT teams and a matured as well as sophisticated IT infrastructure to cater to variety of requirements catering to the need of the software, scale, prevention of unauthorised access, hardware solutions to prevent downtime etc. but most of the other business do not have such support mechanism. Hence, simplicity is a crucial factor that needs to be looked out for while choosing a business management software. The software should be simple to install and can be put to use immediately within a few minutes without really getting into complex configurations and initial setups processes, especially if it is meant for small and medium businesses. 


  • Security & Reliability– Data is one of the most critical assets of any organisation. In growing business environments, which has a smaller user base accessing the data, reliability of the software is one the most key aspects so business owner can rely on the design of the software and do not have to depend on a dedicated team of IT experts for maintenance, data restoration, backup etc. This means the software design helps the user do everything on their own. Whereas, in larger business environments, owing to the quantum of work and a lager base of users accessing the data, sophisticated security systems are required to ensure security of the data. Control over privacy and security is a major element that needs to be considered while selecting a BMS. A comprehensive technology which ensures data and other critical business proprietaries can safeguard and help organisations to reach the productivity that they desire.


With the right technology and the right business management software, entrepreneurs can focus on their core business and scale better. Right technology adoption at the right time not just eases the business management pressures, it also helps organisation save cost. If chosen correctly, a business management software is not just an automation tool but becomes the right companion of the business in its growth journey. By design the right software will have the capability of unfolding advanced potential assisting in the growth of the business and leading the business owner to success. 


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