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FIRE- Proof EV Battery System by EVI Technologies

Here is an article by Rupesh, CEO of EVI Technologies.

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People in India are presently quite concerned about the EV battery-related fire incidents  those have occurred over the last few months. They are talking as to how some EVs are catching  fire on account of the battery problem, albeit there may be other causes for these accidents. No  doubt these safety concerns need to be addressed on utmost priority by all the stakeholders so as  to boost the public confidence in safe operation of EVs and to support the government’s safety endeavour. The government of India has initiated various measures to encourage the production and  use of safe electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have started to enter the Indian market with  government’s support. However, one of the basic requirements for speeding up adoption of  electric vehicles in India is to ensure the safe operation of the EV battery system besides setting up  of suitable and adequate charging infrastructure.  

EVI Technologies (EVIT), an IIT Delhi alumina Start-Up, has floated the EV battery system using  the flame-resistant batteries. The flame-resistant battery has been accorded approval as per  AIS156 STANDARD. Flame resistant battery will go a long way in instilling trust in the users mind  and they can now use these batteries without worrying about risking their lives or their property  in any way, especially in light of the battery fires those occurred in recent months, even with some  large OEMs. With this technique, EVIT hopes to encourage safe development of the nation’s  infrastructure for battery exchange. As infrastructure for battery swapping supports first and last  mile connectivity, lighter electric vehicle segments, particularly two and three-wheelers, will be  able to safety drive their vehicles on the road. Flame resistant batteries also produce less  pollutants. Electric mobility additionally will help maintain a good balance between the need for  energy, energy storage, and environmental sustainability. Use of Electric vehicles will also make  significant contribution in keeping control on carbon emissions otherwise due to use of fossil fuels  in the transportation sector.  

EVIT is of the view that more and more Electric vehicles on the road will usher in better  environment and lead to better quality of life. Whether it is powering the three-wheel electric  vehicles for the first and last mile connectivity or a smartphone app i.e. Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Uber,  and many more, runs on two wheels with the innovative technologies created by EVIT, we believe  that people will have great faith in the E-mobility segment, and that all the fears and concerns they  currently have will be allayed. EVIT offer of flame resistance battery system will ensure the safety  concerns and provide ample opportunities for enhanced e-mobility use in our daily life.

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